A Sister’s Journey

Morgin Davis, Contributor

It all started in the winter. The cold was bone-deep, almost otherworldly, and snow piled up outside shop doors. I trudged along the street, wrapping my thin shawl around my shoulders in an attempt to stay warm. It was all in vain as the frigid wind cut into my skin. What should’ve been a short walk was turning into a battle against the elements. My thoughts swirled around like the falling snow. I decided to push my way into a shop, the neon glow of the open sign like a beacon to my frozen limbs.

The store was surprisingly well-lit and welcoming. It wasn’t like a normal place of business though, it was filled with curiosities and bizarre artifacts. An older man stepped from behind a bookcase holding a tattered, worn book. I glanced in his direction and continued browsing his stock. Walking around the shop, I rubbed my hands together, desperately trying to warm them up. The man stood silently and I felt his gaze follow me.

My eyes traveled the room, lingering on a small, barely used handbag. The pattern was familiar to me and it seemed to draw me in. I picked it up and unzipped the side pocket, hoping that my fear would not come true. The embroidered name Emily Jacobs stared back at me, piercing my soul. I flashed back to the last time I saw her, my baby sister. It was a frigid winter night like this when she disappeared into the street, tears streaming down her face. Gathering my strength, I walked to the man and placed her bag on the counter. I knew I needed to find her soon, before she was lost forever.