World War 3 Meme Controlling the Internet


Parker Willis, Contributor

World War three memes is the new trend on Tik Tok, Reddit and Twitter. American forces killed an Iranian general this week and the internet was swarmed with World War three memes and World War three instantly became a hashtag. For the past few decades World War three has been an anxious fantasy. Now it has become a meme throughout the internet. There are also counter memes with people joking about the war. There is actually no World War going on right now but Twitter has made it seem like there is a world war.

The first World War started with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. People are calling the death of the Iranian general an assassination. So many people predicted another world war would start. Many kids are joking about them getting drafted or just the war in general. A military draft has not taken place since 1973. They could be joking to cope with their fear of the war or just because they have no more ideas. While these memes can be funny they are very disturbing to the older generation that have experienced war. War is a serious topic with the death of many soldiers and loved ones. Jokes help lighten the mood but if we actually got into a war, it would not really be funny anymore. Many of the people making these memes have not experienced having their country in a war. The memory of the experience of a world war is fading. Two world wars produced horrific tragedies which lead into a time of comfort, especially in America.

The chances that America gets into a world war is very low and even if we did, our tragedies would be very low. We have the most power in the world and all of the other countries know that too. We sent an airstrike to Iran but Iran is a non nuclear country so they would have to become allies with a nuclear country to attack back on us. America does not want to be in a war because it cost a lot of money, usually creates more enemies and causes casualties. Donald Trump was not trying to start a war. He was killing a general that has killed many Americans throughout the years. Many presidents have been trying to deal with him by using money and threats. Donald Trump is the only president that has stuck to his word. In this action he protected America and showed that we would not tolerate our American dying for no reason in other countries. Now they know what happens and they have learned their lesson so far. By sending off the air strike it also risked America getting in a nuclear war. American teenagers used this event for a new trend on the internet. They got their attention and made more and more. Now the internet is covered with memes. Spreading from reddit to tik tok to twitter. They are everywhere. Are they popular to cope with fear or because they ran out of ideas?