Red Sox Accused of Stealing


Tony Ureste, Contributor

In recent years, famous MLB teams such as the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, have been accused of electronic sign stealing, a case in which players sneak into replay rooms and learn about signs exchanged between the umpire, batter, pitcher, and other team players. The replay room is just steps from the home dugout at Fenway Park, through the same doors that lead to the batting cage. Every team’s replay staff travels to road games, making the system viable in other parks as well.

Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich, reporters of The Athletic, stated that, “Three people who were with the Red Sox during their 108-win 2018 season told The Athletic that during that regular season, at least some players visited the video replay room during games to learn the sign sequence opponents were using.”

To other teams, this could mean their entire strategy may be at risk with it being such a key piece of information. “The Commissioner made clear in a September 15, 2017 memorandum to clubs how seriously he would take any future violation of the regulations regarding use of electronic equipment or the inappropriate use of the video replay room. Given these allegations, MLB will commence an investigation into this matter” as stated by the Major League Baseball committee.

With further advancement in filming technology, sign stealing through replays is becoming more troubling. According to a user by the name of “dufussportsfanbob” in the comment section of the Athletic sports section that sign stealing isn’t illegal by the game rules, but more as a form of cheating if signs are stolen using any electronic devices. Other teams like the Astros have also been accused of sign stealing, but with the 2020 season coming up, the accusations towards them had to be dismissed and was treated with little care.