Will WW3 Start?

Will WW3 Start?

Ian Dahl, Contributor

Is the world going to enter another World War? With recent tension between the United States and Iran caused by the assassination of Qasem Soleimani, a high-ranking Iranian general, World War 3 seems to have a likely possibility of happening. Some people believe that the conflicts between the two countries may lead to a conflict that will encompass the world while others believe that the conflicts will not lead to anything too major or global.

After the assassination of Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani, on January 3rd with missile strikes from an American drone, conflicts between the two nations seemed to have escalated even further. The Islamic Republic of Iran retaliated with a series of their own missile strikes at military bases belonging to the United States in Iraq on January 7th. President Donald Trump addressed the attacks from Iran saying, “If you value your own life you won’t threaten our people.” If the standoff between the United States continued to escalate, will another World War erupt?

Fortunately, many foreign relations experts believe that if the conflicts between the United States and Iran escalated, the Iranian military would not be able to stand up to the US military forces. Artur Wróblewski, a Polish journalist, said to Republika TV, “If anyone is interested in the politics of the Middle East, they will know there will be no World War 3 or any big conflict because this is a continuation of various pre-existing problems.” While the escalation of conflicts between the US and Iran are a little concerning, it is very unlikely that it would further escalate into a World War because the Iranian military is not powerful enough to take on the US military. Artur Wróblewski adds, “If we look at the military advantage of the United States over Iran, then they cannot be compared.” It is also unlikely for some of Iran’s allies, like Russia or Turkey, to come to their side. “Of course, Russia stands behind Iran but knowing Putin, if misfortune is happening to Iran, then Turkey and Russia – theoretical allies – are happy because they want to have a strong influence in Syria and they do not necessarily like a strong Iran,” according to Artur.

Fortunately, it is very unlikely for World War 3 to start. The Iranian military is not powerful enough to go against the US military and Iran’s allies may not join in the conflicts, leaving us relatively safe of another World War.