Zimbabwe Rangers Found Dead


Grace Davis, Contributor

You don’t have to be an animal lover to hate even the mention of poaching. It’s enough to bother anyone who’s against it in general. Unfortunately there are those who decide that killing animals for their tusks or hide is more important than life. These poachers took it to a whole new level. Zimbabwe authorities say that two Zimbabwean park rangers captured four Zambian men for poaching on December 31. They were transferring them to a jail in Kariba by boat when the men suddenly attacked the park rangers. CBS news explain, “The rangers had caught the poachers in Matusadona National Park, home to lions, leopards, elephants and hyena on the shores of Lake Kariba, one of the world’s largest man-made lakes. The park is popular with tourists who go on walking safaris and boating on the lake. The rangers had detained the poachers overnight before attempting to take them by boat to Kariba town.” The unfortunate outcome of the situation is an even better reason to put them up for good.

Zimbabwean authorities found the bodies of the two rangers about a week later at lake Kariba and later found, at shore, the boat they had been in with it’s engine missing. They took the bodies to Harare for proper examinations. Tinashe Farawo tweets of some conclusions saying that one ranger “had multiple stab wounds and had hands tied behind the back.” Not only was the poaching a violent and awful crime, the killing of two living, breathing human beings have made this case that much more terrible. Farawo expresses consent tweeting, “It is with great sadness that our 2 missing rangers have been found dead in Lake Kariba. @Zimparks wants to thank stakeholders, sister security depts who worked tirelessly to search our rangers. @iMisred @HeraldZimbabwe @NewsDayZimbabwe @BBCAfrica…(@FarawoTinashe) January 6, 2020.

Although the Matusadona National Park has seen poaching decrease in the wildlife southern African country, armed contact has increased between poachers and rangers. CBS news accounts for this saying, “Although the parks agency has recorded “a significant decrease” in poaching in the wildlife rich southern African country, cases of armed contact between poachers and rangers have been on the rise in the Kariba area, where Zimbabwe borders Zambia to the north, said Farawo. The two countries share the lake as well as the magnificent Victoria Falls along the Zambezi River.” This is extremely sad to hear and probably more difficult for the families of those fighting. An all female squad fights wildlife poaching and woefully, two die from trying to bring the Zimbabwean wildlife to safety. The rangers memorial was held on Wednesday January 8th of 2020. The rangers are greatly respected by their country, other rangers, and anyone who reads their mournful story.

Zimbabwean authorities are still on the hunt for the dangerous, threatening poachers and hope to catch them soon. Authorities understand the dangers of their suspected poachers, but know that the other park rangers will do whatever it takes to keep Zimbabwean wildlife safe from their treachery. The lives of the lost rangers are still remembered for their bravery and devotion.