Onika Wallace, Contributor

The origin of Christmas comes from the religious belief of it being Jesus’ birthday. On Christmas, most people go to church to celebrate the birth. The first recorded “Christmas” was in Rome on December 25th, 336. Other than Religious reasons as to why Christmas exists, there are many traditions in different places.

In the United States, and some other countries, there are traditions such as Christmas trees, Christmas lights, stockings, presents, etc. On Christmas morning, the families open the presents that they have been blessed with. This day is usually celebrated with friends and family. A feast will usually take place. Christmas movies and music are played everywhere and joy is in the air. There are many different names for the being that brings kids gifts the night before Christmas, but the United States calls him by the name of Santa Clause.

In the United Kingdom, Christmas is a little different than it is here in the United States. For one, they call Santa Claus  Father Christmas. It is usually cold and wet on Christmas, so the people of the United Kingdom burn the very popular smelling wood: Yule log. Everybody bakes cookies, hang stockings, and do all of the present wrapping the day before Christmas. One of the most popular traditions is to sit around the Christmas tree and tell their favorite Christmas story. In the United Kingdom, the most popular Christmas story is: ” A Christmas Carol”. Another tradition they have is eating their mid-day feast and finding a Christmas cracker next to their plate. A Christmas cracker is a colorful, paper-covered tube, that when the ends are pulled, a riddle, a festive hat, and little trinkets come out. You read the riddle aloud at the table and wear the festive hat during dinner. After the dinner is over, everyone sits in front of the television and watches the Queen of England deliver her yearly Christmas speech. In the United Kingdom, the 26th of December is called Boxing Day. This day has nothing to do with the sport boxing ,but rather a sweet meaning. A while back, the churches took donations in boxes and give them to those in need. Now, Everyone just simply gives a little bit of money to the people that have helped them along this year.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas exactly the same, but in many households, the meaning of Christmas always comes back to one thing, depending on what they believe. It could all come back to the birth of Jesus, or having a day where they show gratitude to everyone in their family.