Baltimore Police’s Anthony Michael Westerman Charged With Rape


Rachel Jarvis, Contributor

On Sunday December eighth, The Baltimore County Police Department announced that one of their officers, Officer Anthony Michael Westerman, was charged with rape. Two counts of second-degree rape and three counts of second-degree assault to be exact, and he is now being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center. He had been working with the department for  about six years, since 2013. He had been assigned to the department’s Essex precinct. The case was investigated be The Special Victim Units after reports from outside sources. The officer has been placed on a suspended leave without pay according to Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt. He was denied bail on Monday December 9 at court. The prosecutors argued he was dangerous to the public’s safety. The judge agreed. The judge said he was not considered a flight risk, but a general danger to the public. One woman claimed that she was scared to report the officer because she knew that he was a police officer and a man of some power.

The first assault happened in October of 2017, Westerman and the victim, according to reports, had been drinking at a bar, White Marsh bar and grill, and requested an Uber to take them to the home of the victim or the victims friend, but when they returned home it was to his house, where he allegedly forced himself onto the victim while she was falling in and out of consciousness, while her friend was asleep in a different part of the house. According to her, Westerman told her that he liked it when she pushed at him and when she told him to stop and get off, while he continued to force himself on her. Under two years later on June 8, this victim was allegedly sleeping in Westerman’s guest room when he forced himself onto her woke her up and started a non-consensual sexual encounter with her. Then on June 22, Westerman took the victim to a secluded area inside a Middle River bar and began to kiss her non-consensual. This victim happened to be a friend of his girlfriend. All girls he had been preying on he had known for years.

“The allegations made in this case are reprehensible and are not representative of the values and ethics of the Baltimore County Police Department,” Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa                      Hyatt said in a statement issued Sunday. “As a result of a thorough investigation by the Baltimore County Police Department Criminal Investigations Bureau, the officer has been arrested                      and has been suspended without pay.” (TheBaltimoreSun).

This is the first big accusations after the special task force at the behest of County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. was created after many complaints and  people criticizing their heir response to and investigations of allegations of rape and sexual assault. According to online court records, a preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 3. Some details have not yet been released to the public, but it is clear that he is being held without bail in Baltimore County Detention Center, and is going to be charged with two counts of second-degree rape and three counts of second-degree assault.