Elon Musk’s New Cybertruck


Andres Nichols, Contributor

On November 21, 2019, Elon Musk took the stage in Los Angeles to reveal a new vehicle that Tesla has been working on. Elon Musk showed off to the world Tesla’s first pickup truck model, the Cyber truck. The Cyber truck’s design is strikingly unique , since it was made to stand out from other pickup trucks. The Cyber truck bring great durability, utility, and performance to outperform competitors.

The exoskeleton of the Cyber truck is made of Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel which helps prevent dents, damage and corrosion. The stainless steel design implements superlative protection for all passengers. To add more protection, Tesla added a their armor glass technology, “which is a Ultra-strong glass and polymer-layered composite can absorb and redirect impact force for improved performance and damage tolerance.” (tesla.com) Unfortunately for Elon Musk can no longer claim that the glass is bulletproof, the armor glass technology demo failed during the Cyber truck presentation. However, Tesla will continue to perfect the glass until they can make sure that their armor glass is bulletproof.

The Cyber truck is great at adapting for utility. The Cyber truck is capable of carrying up to 3500 pounds and towing over 14000 pounds payload. At the reveal of the Cyber truck it was demonstrated that the Cyber truck was capable of out-powering and then drag Ford’s F150. The truck even allows for air suspension of 4 inches in any direction to allow for easier access. The Cyber truck grants up to six seats comfortably. Tesla claims that the Cyber truck is capable of adapting to any situation that future owner will need.

The performance of the Cyber truck is outstanding.The truck can reach 0-60 MPH in about 2.9 seconds which is incredibly fast. It can travel about 500 miles from any last full charge. The Cyber truck has an option to be single, double, or a tri motor all-wheel drive. It had hold storage of about a hundred cubic feet with a vault length of 6.5 feet. It can tow up 14,000 pounds. The Cyber truck comes with a standard autopilot feature but can be upgraded when making a reservation. 

Reservations for the Cyber truck can be made with minimal customization options. The price of the truck ranges from forty thousand to about seventy thousand dollars. The first deposit is a hundred dollars and is refundable. As of now, Tesla predicts that some Cyber trucks will be ready late 2021 and fully available by late 2022. Despite being criticized for poor design choice, Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that the Cyber truck had been pre-ordered 200,000 times within three days.

The Cyber truck is still missing side view mirrors but it is still in its prototype stage. A lot of things can change in the interior and exterior of the car. Even though it is still a prototype car , many people in Los Angeles where surprised to see a Cyber truck driving in the wild. Unfortunately for Elon Musk, he was caught running a red light and turning left in a turn-right-only exit of a restaurant.Nonetheless, the Cyber truck is incredibly unique and it can be expected to make a success. Despite the expensive price, the Cyber truck would leave quite the impression to any drivers of the truck in the future .