What the Florida!? – Week of November 15


Gunnar Strom, Contributor

Woman Fails Bar Exam, Decides to Be a Lawyer Anyways

Roberta Guedes failed the Bar Exam, the test that every wannabe-lawyer must take before they graduate and are certified to practice law, twice. Nevertheless, she decided that she was going to practice law anyway. She even began her own law firm, using a fellow classmate’s name to hide the fact that she was completely unqualified for the position. It was found that she “created websites for both companies, prosecutors said, touting fictitious national and international offices, and displayed stock photos of people who looked like lawyers but were not.” Police later found out about her practices after she represented several people in court, and both her skills as a lawyer and her qualifications to be one were called into question.

Man Loses Card Game, Sets Winner’s Car on Fire With Winner Inside

21-year-old Michael Psilakis, Jr. was charged with first-degree murder after he lit someone’s car on fire with them still inside. Police were alerted by a witness after Psilakis sent several text messages to the witness about killing the victim, a previous acquaintance of his. The three sat down to play a card game one night, where the accused lost about $1,000 to the victim. Psilakis then convinced the victim to play another game with him the following day, losing another $2,500 in the process. He told the victim, “I got something for you,” before leaving. Soon after, the victim was reported missing, and after police efforts, Psilakis was arrested, racking up more charges against himself. He is now imprisoned and facing trial on charges of grand theft auto, resisting arrest, and premeditated homicide.

Man Wears “F- the Police” Shirt to Court Case

Michael Burns was given a ticket by an officer on the terms that he was “obscuring his license plate,” although Burns disagreed with this decision. He took it to court and gave his side of the story: he was given a ticket by the same officer whom he had talked to earlier in the night. He talked to several officers earlier in the night after they were making people leave the side of the highway, public property where they were allowed to be. Burns wrote in a LiveLeak post, “It was public property and I was told they were only being kicked out to ‘ruin their fun’ by the first officer I contacted.” He was later given the ticket by the same officer. He strolled into court wearing the phrase on his back and won the case after a short trial.