Young Girl Survives Father’s Murder-Suicide Attempt


Rachel Jarvis, contributor

Around 8.a.m. at the elevated Kingsbridge Road station in the Kingsbridge Heights, Fernando Balbuena jumped in front of a southbound No. 4 train holding his five year old daughter, Ferni. He was on a call with his wife, Niurka Caraballo, before saying “Con dios, con dios, con dios que allí viene el tren,” translated to, “With God, with God, with God, here comes the train” before jumping with his daughter in arm in front of the moving train. Despite this, the five year old daughter, Ferni, not only survived the murder-suicide attempt, but escaped with only a single scratch on her. It is a miracle she escaped, let alone unhurt. First respondents pronounced him dead. They said it was a miracle she was alive because her father had been so severely injured, he was almost “cut in half.” She crawled out from under the train with only a single cut on her forehead.

Jairo Torres was honored alongside Ferni. He jumped on the tracks immediately to help get her out from under the train. Ferni wearing her pink backpack belly crawled towards Torres outstretched arms. He even protected her when she almost bumped her head when she stood up before being completely clear on the train. Torres, when asked about why he jumped in front of the train commented, “I see the baby and I jump. I don’t think.”

According to Caraballo, Ferni has not come to understand the traumatic experience, she says that Ferni still expects her father to walk through the door at any moment and still asks for him. She told authorities that he had been battling depression for a long time but had been on medication for it and had been taking it regularly. He had been hospitalized for mental-health issues six times but she had thought he was on a solid path to recovery. She claimed that his suicide came as a complete shock. She said the only moment she knew something was wrong was when he was saying what would be his last words before jumping. Caraballo says, “He was a good husband, a good father, a good provider and a good man.” She says that she is giving Ferni as much love as possible and because she has a loving home she will be okay. Caraballo is incredibly grateful for the miracle she was given. She says, “They are calling her the miracle girl,” said Caraballo. “My daughter was reborn yesterday.”

NYPD, took her on a day where she got to be sworn in as an honorary “officer.” she got to spend the whole day with the police horses and boats. The gifted her a “The Little Mermaid” doll that was almost as tall as her, as well as NYPD baseball cap. She told them she loved the boats and the horses. Her mom says she is hoping that she is to young and that the emotional trauma will not be burned into her memory. Ferni was incredibly close to her dad and still has yet to fully comprehend exactly what happened.