It’s Only November, Why Does It Look Like Christmas?


Selas Rivers, Contributor

As Christmas season approaches, many people have already brought out their Christmas decorations and lights. In the background of all the Christmas lights and decorations, plays the cheerful Christmas Music of the season. The thought of Christmas brings joy the hearts of many of the students here at Benjamin Franklin, at least the ones that I’ve talked to. They’re happy to be away from school, being able to stay home through the “cold weather”, and to receive things they wish they had last year. Back in October, a lot of students had already started the countdown of days until Christmas.

It’s only November, and if they haven’t forgotten, Thanksgiving break is next week. The thought of skipping over Thanksgiving and moving on to Christmas would be devastating. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest time of the year, that brings together family to cherish and enjoy really good food. Thanksgiving is not just a day out of the year, it takes about a week, especially if one were to be traveling for the whole week. It takes time and preparation for a meaningful Thanksgiving.

People beginning to hang up lights and decorating for Christmas already before Thanksgiving ought to be ashamed. People who hang up Christmas lights and decorations before Thanksgiving are, in a way, disrespecting the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s as if your parents were to have forgotten about your birthday, skip over it, and try to make up for it by trying to reenacting how they would’ve done your birthday. You would be heartbroken, right? Thanksgiving isn’t a pushover, it has meaning too.

Don’t you get tired after a while of listening to the same song over and over and over again? Those will be the people who have already kicked in to listening to Christmas music. Everyone has their favorite classic and newbie Christmas songs they love, but even after a while, I’m sure, they won’t last as long as 2 months of listening until Christmas. (Source)

If you really want to encapsulate the family time of the season, it would be a great opportunity to wait until at least Thanksgiving week or the day after Thanksgiving. In this idea, if you were to, after having the grand feast with your friends and family, all together put up the Christmas tree, the decorations, and lights. Since you already have family there with you, might as well put up the Christmas stuff together (I mean you’d get it done faster too).

For those who want to celebrate Christmas the right way, wait until after Thanksgiving, thank you.