High School Traditions

High School Traditions

Kayla Smith, contributor

High School is a time in everyone’s life where memories are made. Some learn life lessons or get into trouble, and others may stay out of sight and do what they can to get out, but no matter what kind of people there are attending the school, every high school has traditions. High School traditions vary with all the different events through the years; dances, footballgames, pep rallies, pranks and more.

High School Dances have different traditions depending on the dance and season. Most of the time Homecoming is followed by a spirit week and a big football game, because it’s in the time of the football season. Where as Prom is a huge dance that everyone seems to talk about for weeks that usually happens towards the end of the school year. Then you have dances where the girls ask guys, which can have different titles: “morp”, “winfo”, “sadie hawkins”, etc. Although most dance traditions are usually the same at all high schools, some go above and beyond to make sure their students remember the moment. Many Schools do a Car Smash; Other high schools (in places where it’s actually cold outside in September-October) do a bonfire; students usually burn an object that resembles their rivals mascot for good luck at the Homecoming Game.

A very popular tradition through all high schools is the Senior Prank. This is a tradition that has been around since the early 70’s and still continues to live on… But, unfortunately some schools don’t allow the famous event of Senior Pranks, that have been around longer than many of the teachers at the school which is sad because it’s something most seniors look forward too…unless their being threatened to be “arrested” . Senior Pranks are usually looked at as a celebration for the graduating class; celebrating the fact that it’s their last year and they have finally made it through school. Graduation is a big deal and Senior Pranks are the perfect way to end it all with a BANG– Some seriously go all out for the prank. Some students have written about their own school senior prank and posted them online:

“We stuck a good some odd 25k plastic forks in the football field. It was awesome.” — aalritealritelrite

“During my sophomore year of high school, the seniors covered the hallway floors with bubble wrap and managed to play elevator music through the announcement speakers.” – ChaneI

“We listed our school on Craigslist and our principal got calls all day for the property.” — metsfan2018

“We hired a mariachi band to follow our principal for a day.” — Mrhorrendous

“Since there is always a big deal about kids not parking in the staff parking lot, the students parked their cars bumper to bumper AROUND the staff parking lot. The staff answered by parking in the student lot.” — binray

Over all, yes, High School may be stressful and difficult at times, but it’s four years of your life that you will never get back so, you might as well enjoy it. You and your fellow students can make it a fun time through previous traditions or even possibly by making new ones. Traditions can bring everyone together and help create memories that could possibly last forever. Make the traditions count!