2021 Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E Revealed


Parker Willis, Contributor

In 2021, Ford will be releasing the Mustang Mach-E. This mustang is almost completely different from the previous generations. This Mustang is not for the track or doing burnouts like previous generations. This mustang is more of a SUV than a sports car. It is more high tech and for the average person with a lot of money. Its price ranges from $43,895 to $60,500. One of the crazy new new features is the car door with no handle. Now you might be asking how do you open the door. Well there is a small button on the rear part of each door just above the beltline. The two back doors just have the buttons and the two front doors have the button with a small handle integrated with the trim on the beltline.

The interior handles are just as interesting as the outside. On the interior of the door there is a dip in the trim with a small lever that you just simply pull and it engages and electrical latch which will open the door. Now that is a revolutionary upgrade to the car industry. Ford is planning on pouring almost twelve billion dollars into this vehicle by 2022. That is a big commitment and a risk to put that much money into one car.

This car is going to have a front trunk and a back trunk. The front trunk has 4.8 cubic feet of space. It would hold a carry on bag or a small cooler. A crazy new feature that ford says they will include is that you can use your phone as a key. It would use bluetooth to recognize when the driver is in range of the car and it would be capable of unlocking. The Mustang Mach-E is very similar to the new tesla cars with the design and the technology. The Mach-E will have a big touch screen display in the front of the car with a lot of features. It is a 15.5 inch display.

Ford says that they are planning on selling the car online. I don’t know how this is going to work but all Ford has said is that they are planning on selling it online. The range of the all electric car is about 210 to 300 miles per full charge. There are five editions to the 2021 Mustang ranging in pricing and features. There is the first edition, the select, the premium, the California route 1, and the GT. Ranging from $43,895 to $60,500. Each car is used for different purposes and for different people. Some are for cruising and some are for racing. The premium has all of the features and all of the luxury that you need. The Mustang GT has the torque and the speed that you need. The select edition has the CoPilot 360 and the assist 2.0. Ford plans on making a faster way to charge your car. They are in the process of making a 150 Kw fast charger which will give you 47 miles of range in ten minutes. These new features will change the car industry forever.