Dallas Cowboys V.S. Detroit Lions

Onika Wallace, Contributor

The game was entertaining; there were many times where one team might have won, but then the other team would score.  Many touchdowns were scored during the game. The touchdown of the game that is highlighted as the best is when Ezekiel Elliott scored and did “The Dak” dance. “The Dak” dance is how Dak Prescott warms up before games and practices. Another reason this touchdown was significant is Elliott losing his balance when he caught the ball, falling (but never letting the ball hit the ground), got back up, and made it into the end zone without even getting touched once. The Cowboys had lost three games in a row, and their defense was lacking in comparison to the Lions’. The Lions gained 75 yards in just ten plays because, once again, the Cowboys’ defense showed to be substandard. They got off to a rocky start, and the Lions used this to their advantage. However, Cobb, from the Cowboys’ offense, caught a pass thrown by Dak, the Cowboys’ quarterback, and it gave the Cowboys a 49 yard gain. Jeff Driskel, the Lions’ quarterback, played a huge role in getting his players down the field; most of his throws were extremely accurate allowing his teammates to make it down the field and gain yards. Even after all of the Lions’ effort, they lost the game by eight points. The Cowboys got their acts together and took the win of 35-27. Unfortunately, due to the Lions’ lost, they will no longer be playing a team with a large total of wins. The Cowboys may have won this game, but their persistence needs to be consistent if they want to bring in more wins. With the victory, they will be playing teams with a high number of wins for the first time this year. We wish good luck for both teams and hope they both continue to succeed and grow from their losses.