The Hunting of Lewis (Part 10)


Braquel Schiermeyer, Contributor

My head was exploding. I still couldn’t believe what had happened over the span of a couple days. I thought a family had passed away but turns out, they all faked their deaths. I went to a boy’s house and ended up finding out I was being hunted. I’m broken and I don’t know if the pieces of me are ever going to fit back the same way they did before.

I felt like my world was fading away and there was nothing I could do about it. That’s when Jake pulled out of the hug. When I looked up at him, he wiped my tears away. I asked him if we could go for a drive; I just needed to escape my life for a while. He pulled me in closer, leaned in, and kissed me. After that, he walked me to his car and opened the passenger door. I sat down and he got in on the driver’s side, and we drove off.

As soon as we got out of my neighborhood, I noticed a car that was following close behind us. I’ve seen enough movies to know that when a car is driving this close behind another car, people are being followed. I told Jake to pull into a parking lot. When he did, the car followed. At this point, I was shaking. For all I knew, it could be the guy that threatened my life at Lewis’s house. I told Jake to drive faster, but that didn’t accomplish much as the car behind us sped up. I was on the verge of crying when all of a sudden, I looked behind us and the car was gone.

Jake looked over and saw me freaking out. He pulled his car into a parking spot and got out of his car. He ran over and opened my door. He pulled me into a hug, and I just broke down.

After crying for awhile, my phone buzzed. I looked down and it was a text from Cali, my best friend. It read, “Hannah! i don’t know who these people r…they want u. they say that if u don’t come they’re gonna hurt me. hannah im scared! plz come help me.”

“NO NO NO NO! I have to go Jake, tell my mom I’ll be home in a while. I have to go.”

(…to be continued)