New Universal Theme Park Coming in 2023


Averi Carlson, Contributor

On October 24, 2019, Universal released a new theme park opening in the year 2023. This new park is in Orlando, Florida, adding to the growing number of theme parks in the area. Universal released the name of this world as Epic Universe. This park will include a variety of rides and attractions, and contains new hotels, shops, and restaurants. 

The park will be structured similar to the new park opening in Beijing, China. Both are being created with a five-year plan and will include most of the same rides. The Beijing park opens in the year 2021, two years ahead of the Orlando park. Epic Universe will have four themed “worlds” with an entrance area. This is a change from the other parks, which all contain seven themed lands. The attractions featured are based on the best rides from both the Singapore and Beijing park. It will also host more special after-dark features than any other park. 

Ever since Universal released the building of Epic Universe, rumors say that the famous stunt show “WaterWorld” will be shown. However, the plans depicting the new park show a larger, more traditional amphitheater. Previously, the Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue was shown in Universal Studios Florida. This show presented classic monsters singing and dancing to hits. Epic Universe may continue to show this, or make a new show in its place. The plans also show that dining and other entertainment will surround the theatre. 

Ken Storey states, “While not confirmed by Universal, Epic Universe land is rumored to themed to How to Train Your Dragon. Though, it is still possible to include a broader DreamWorks theme that would also feature Kung Fu Panda.” Another theory says that Universal will center the theme around Transformers. This is because of how much success the ride has at Universal Studios Florida. Universal will likely not confirm the theme until the park starts undergoing construction. 

The technology that Universal is using to create this land will be unlike anyone has ever seen. 

Storey said, “Facial recognition technology could be used to quickly allow park guests to navigate from land to land without having to scan their fingers or pull out their park tickets each time.” This facial recognition will be used for lockers and express land access. 

The construction site for this park is 750 acres long and will reside along Universal Boulevard. According to Brian Roberts, chairman of Comcast Corp, Epic Universe will be the first big project since completing Volcano Bay in 2017. Comcast has invested billions of dollars to build this third theme park in Florida. It is Universal’s largest investment in all the parks and is expected to be worth nearly 6.5 billion dollars. The park will offer jobs to more than 25,000 people, and Universal estimates over twenty million visitors between its three parks in a year. 

Universal is now rising to the top of the competition. For years, it has been trying to best Disney, which opened its first park in Florida thirty years ago. Epic Universe is Universal’s last shot to pull ahead of its fiercest competitor.