Why Trump Shouldn’t be Receiving the Credit he Claims

Why Trump Shouldn't be Receiving the Credit he Claims

Camden Cook, Contributor

Last week, the US military raided an ISIS base containing its leader, al-Baghdadi, who was killed while being chased down a series of tunnels. President Trump has gloated over the success of this event, not giving credit where it is due, and making the event completely centered around himself. He released details of the raid that could be critical to national security and much more than he was authorized to share. Too many things have either been inaccurate in his claims or handled incorrectly for him to receive nearly the amount of credit he claims he is worthy of.

The first place where he went wrong was going into the amount of detail he did about the raid. He described to the press every little event that could make him appear better to the world. He described the gruesome details of al-Baghdad detonating an explosive vest strapped to himself killing three of his believed to be children. Though that isn’t inherently bad, he went on to tell the media about the other ISIS troops that were in the raid. He explained that though some had been killed, others had been captured and interrogated. They were able to give information of the terrorist group’s future plans. Now that the world knows the US possesses details that could be critical to the  organizations plans, they may be of no use at all. The president just had to let them know their plans needed to be changed or the US would have the upper hand. Most of those details weren’t permitted to be shared, yet it was done anyway.

The credit needs to be given to the people who really set up the opportunity for the raid. For the last five years, the US has been in an alliance with the Kurdish military who assisted the US every step of the way of taking down ISIS, and in return the US provided protection from its neighbors. Just a few weeks before the raid, Trump made the call to pull 2000 US troops out after giving directions to the Kurds to lower many of their defenses, leaving them extremely vulnerable after many years of a good alliance. The Kurds still were able to provide the exact location of al-Baghdad and helped with the raid. Trump admitted to the media that the Kurds had given “some information” that helped the raid. He didn’t bother to go into the 11,000 Kurdish troops that had died and fought alongside America to make the entire operation possible in the first place.

The president does not deserve the glory he is attempting to take hold of because he gave no credit to the nation assisting the US, betrayed it along the way, and still managed upset national security.