More Dogs = Longer Life

More Dogs = Longer Life

Alora Foote, Contributor

The eternal debate between dogs and cats is far from being solved. Recent studies regarding both dog and cat people result in many different benefits, many similar between the two. But, are dogs or cats the superior?

Many, people across the world are 100% dog people. Obviously, they think that their pups are better than felines. However, now there is scientific research backing them up. Harlan Krumholz, the author of Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, outlined in his journal the benefits of owning a dog. Some of the most obvious are physical activity and a constant companion. Dogs are proven to be therapeutic which is why they can be trained to help in therapy regarding anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, as well as multiple other reasons. Canines are proven to help with these symptoms because of their ability to be obedient and comforting to those who have these conditions. Of course, therapy dogs are specially trained to do their job and not all dogs are capable of doing the training or work. However, all dogs are still capable of helping their human live longer. “When you look at the big picture and look at all the evidence around dog ownership and cardiovascular health, it’s pretty clear the signal is real and likely causal,” says Dr. Dhruv Kazi (npr). Exercising is a well-known way to prevent heart disease, something dog owners should be familiar with when they bought or adopted their pup. Besides physical activity, dogs also have a “cuddle hormone.” This hormone is called oxytocin and is released when dogs and humans interact with each other. oxytocin naturally improves the wellbeing of humans by making them mentally happier and this also causes a prevention against cardiovascular related deaths. Obviously, dogs can’t prevent death completely; but studies have shown that people who own dogs tend to have a longer lifespan by twelve years. Pretty amazing right? Combined with always having a best friend, this seems like a pretty fair deal.

On the contrary, cats also have their own benefits. Cats are proven to reduce stress and anxiety while releasing tension within their owners. “Stroking a cat after a long, turbulent day at work can calm the soul and return it to a state of tranquillity and calm: it is more effective than a sleeping pill!” (Love Ferplast). A cat’s purr is also beneficial. The purr is known to slow down a frantic heartbeat. “Taking care of cats opens our hearts to more love, guaranteeing growth on a human level.”

It’s common knowledge that love prolongs a human’s life. Since both cats and dogs are capable of giving never ending love, it really can’t be used for or against either side. Either way, owning a dog tends to have more of a benefits list than cats. Taking care of a canine requires more work, however, it gives people a sense of purpose and a way to have something to focus on. Cats are low maintenance, but having an important role in your canines life benefits many people. Overall, though both have their ups and downs, dogs have more benefits and are man’s best friend.

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