Nickelodeon’s New Show ‘The Casagrandes’


A still from Nickelodeon’s new series “The Casagrandes” a spinoff of “The Loud House” premiering on Oct. 14. Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon

Chandler Ellerbusch, Contributor

Hello everyone and this is “Animation News”, your source of all animated and cartoon related announcements. This week, The Casagrandes, Nickelodeon’s newest addition to their cartoon lineup has side characters of Loud House, Ronnie Anne Santiago and her older brother Bobby, taking the role as main characters in their own new show. It is a spin-off of Nickelodeon’s popular cartoon the Loud House and is developed by Michael Rubine and directed by Miguel Puga.

The new show, “follows Lincoln Loud’s friend 11-year-old Ronnie Anne Santiago, who moves to the big city with her mother and older brother to live with their multigenerational Mexican-American family, the Casagrandes, over their family-owned mercado” (Flores, 2019).

The new series is chaotically fun with the huge cast of characters from diverse backgrounds. Ronnie’s family consists of her brother Bobby, her mother Maria, her cousins Carlitos, Carl, CJ, and Carlota, her grandmother Rosa, her grandfather Hector, her uncle Carlos, her aunt Frida, and their pet dog and a parrot. Ronnie and Bobby’s father is Arturo Santiago, who is divorced from their mother and is working as a doctor in Peru. Ronnie’s best friend is Sid Chang, who lives in the apartment above with the rest of her Asian-American family. The Casagrandes is a huge step in representation of Latino families in cartoons and is full of Mexican culture and inspiration.

Executive Mike Rubiner states, “We wanted The Casagrandes to be relatable to kids, grounded in real stories about real families. But we also knew that we really wanted it to accurately reflect Mexican-American culture, so we really kept an eye on both of those things as we developed the show.”

The crew for the show is full of diversity, many of the members being Mexican-American and imputing their family and childhood experiences as being of that culture. The voice cast mirrors their characters as well, with Mexican-American and Latino voice actors playing the Ronnie and her family and also some Asian-American voice actors voicing Sid Chang’s family. Even the color palette of the show is inspired by Mexican culture with some palettes being based Mexican folk art and sugar skulls.

The Casagrandes premiered October 14 and holds a time slot on Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. as of October 19. Make sure to check out this amazingly diverse and light-hearted show. Next time, one of the most popular and successful cartoons to date is returning to tv with four new specials.


Nick Creates Multicultural World With Colorful ‘Loud House’ Spinoff ‘Casagrandes’