The Hunting of Lewis (Part 9)

The Hunting of Lewis (Part 9)

Braquel Schiermeyer, Contributor

I got out of bed to start my journey to the kitchen when I heard both my mom and Josh talking. It was weird because they were never home at the same time. Usually, Josh was off working, or Mom was at the hospital working the late shift. They looked worried.

“Hey mom do we have any sandwich meat?” I asked as I opened the fridge and started to look for the meat. Right then my Mom ran up and hugged me from behind.

“Mom? What are you doing?” she knew I hated hugs. “Hannah? Where have you been?!” she asked.

I was really confused. I hadn’t been gone that long. I only went to Lewis’s house for a couple hours and replied, “What do you mean ‘where have I been’? I’ve been sleeping in my room.”

I didn’t tell her I went to Lewis’s house. I had a good reason for not telling her. I didn’t want another lecture from Josh on how I need to stay away from Lewis.

“It’s not like I’ve been gone for a year, I just went to a friend’s house after school instead of coming home. Sorry I didn’t tell you,” I said and then rolled my eyes. “Ah I found it.” I pulled out the meat.

“Hannah, I don’t think you realize you’ve been gone for 2 days,” said my mom as I closed the fridge. Two days?! I could have sworn it was only a couple of hours.

I looked up at the calendar on the fridge. Sure enough it was two days after the anniversary of the Richardson’s supposed death. I felt like I was going to pass out. I got my keys and told my parents I was going out and ran straight out the door.

I was panting, almost crying, when Jake ran up and hugged me. I felt safe with his arms around me. I hugged him back. He held me like he hadn’t seen me in years.

After a couple minutes he pulled away and asked if I was okay. “Ya, I’m just freaking out,” I replied.

“About what?” he asked, sounding really concerned.

“I wish I could tell you,” I said. “but I can’t. Trust me, it’s better this way.”

“Okay, I trust you,” said Jake.

Hearing him say that made me feel a lot better. “I just need you here with me,” I told him as he hugged me.

We just stood there. In the middle of the street.

(…to be continued)