Events With Red


Kayla Smith, contributor

If you’re looking for a wild and crazy fun party to go to, I would highly suggest going to parties thrown by, Events with Red. Events with Red invite high schools from all over the Queen Creek and Gilbert valley to attend their insane Saturday night parties. These are not your regular, lounging around, drama creating, boring, high school parties…these parties are extremely chaotic! Although its $20 to get in at the door, these events are 100% worth it. They have become the largest teen events in Queen Creek, Arizona and will continue getting busier and busier each party! Red Events usually have 2-3 parties every month with over 500 high school students attending each one. Each party seems to be getting more jam packed due to all the people hearing about it. Depending on the theme of the event, their locations can vary. Lately they have held their past 3 events at Schnepf Farms mainly because of the mess these events can create. In September, Events with Red threw a paint vs foam party; it was basically a gigantic mosh pit piled up with teenagers, bubbles, water, foam and paint. The parties usually start at 9 and go till 1 am the next day. Seems like a lot of time but when you’re partying time flies by and the night feels short. Red Events are not only fun for partying but it’s also a great way to be social; It’s the perfect way to meet new people, and have a good time with your friends. However, Events with Red haven’t always been so popular.

When Red began throwing its outrageous parties, they only invited a couple high schools. Like most businesses, they started off small but grew very fast. The way most people find out about Red events is through social media. In fact, when they are planning on throwing another event, the first place people will see it is on social media. Not only do they post invites, but they have even begun getting different high schoolers, around the valley, to promote their events. Becoming a promoter is very simple: send @eventswithred a direct message on instagram asking to be a promoter, give your name and what high school you currently attend. They are usually quick at answering back and once they have, they’ll put you in a group dm with all the other promoters. In the group message, they will send you and the others tasks to accomplish a week or two before their next event. Once you have completed all the tasks and show up at the party, you get into the event for only $5!! Becoming a promoter is a very easy way for one to get into an Event with Red for cheap. Not all their events are crazy, wild parties; In fact some can be very lowkey and just fun to hang out at.  However the environment at the Red parties are always jam-packed and kind of hectic. Loud music, and strobe/laser lights might not make the scene less chaotic, but if you’re a party person, this is most definitely the place to be. Many students enjoy them and talk about them nonstop. It’s an event most high school teens look forward to. Don’t be shy! come party with Red!!