Driver’s License Updates


Lexi Ariete, Contributor

Car accidents happen every day. There is not a secret to prevent an accident because it is not known when the next one can happen. However, there is a solution for the specific problem of driving knowledge.

Each state differs in their rules for driving. In Arizona, a driver’s license must renew when the driver turns sixty-five. If a driver got their license at sixteen, they would have forty-nine years to renew their license. In California, prolonging a license happens every five years, until the age of seventy. A smarter approach would be for every state to have the same law when it comes to a driver’s license. An alternative option is for every seven years, a driver should renew their license, which includes a driving test. The process may seem tedious, but it could be effective. For example, the driver goes to a Department of Motor vehicles (DMV) where they can renew their license, pass another driving test, and reaffirm the knowledge of  basic car controls. Driving becomes muscle memory after a while, but for safety, it would be beneficial for a driver to retake a test. A driver could renew their license on the date required, but an additional eighty days if needed.

There are cars on the road every day, hour, and minute of the year. A majority of drivers drive without their license, whether they meant it or not. Driving without a license can lead to serious charges for the driver. To assure that drivers have their license on them, a device could be created where a driver can be alerted if their license is not within a certain radius of them. If possible, then there could be a small tracker that can be applied to a license to keep a driver alerted. A writer from John Bales Attorneys stated, “unlicensed drivers and drivers whose licenses have been suspended or revoked are significantly more likely to be involved in fatal crashes than are validly-licensed drivers.” In that case, then drivers should assure that their license is with them at all times.

According to Brand Law Firm, over six thousand car accidents happen a day. Not all accidents occur due to uneducated drivers, but are from distractions, texting, or hesitation. Once drivers start to get older, some people tend to have bad memory, or eyesight. Reminding those who need it could be helpful when trying to keep drivers safe. To keep roads safe, a change to state laws would help have safer roads.

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