High Schoolers need Space

kayla smith, contributor

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Putting grades 7-12 in the same 110,620 square foot school is not, and never will be, a good idea. There are endless reasons on why me, and MANY other high schoolers feel this way. For starters, all high schoolers generally need their space, and when 12 year olds are put  into the picture…we REALLY need our space. Me, and my fellow high schoolers, are all tired, easily annoyed, grumpy, judgmental, teenagers just trying to get from point A to point B WITHOUT being tripped by a child’s rolling backpack; And we all know for a fact it’s Jr.High kids who use a box with wheels for a backpack. Like I get it, they’re tiny and wearing an actual backpack on their frail little bodies might legitimately break them; but dude! Tripping over one of those things will legitimately break somebody’s leg. Lets not forget to mention how many of those little squirts are roaming around the school 25/8. Not only do they roam around and look at every little thing as if it’s God, but they also like to do this thing where they stop right in front of you as you’re rushing down the halls during passing period. Passing period, is no joke…like, some of us have -0.05 seconds to walk from one side of the school all the way to the other in itty bitty, cramped, hallways. Walking through the chaos is bad enough, but it gets 10x better when an infant cuts in front of you and then stops after taking 4 steps. This is a safety hazard for the little blessings from heaven in so many ways. They can easily trip, or get trampled on, but worst of worsts they could get on a high schoolers nerve, and then be traumatized.

Having “tweens” in the same building as young adults probably benefit the school by saving and gaining money, but doesn’t do much for us. In Fact most of us high schoolers feel like we get an endless amount of rules that were only put into place for the youngsters. Not only are rules strictly enforced, but we lose some of our freedom as well. For example: The boys not being allowed to have paper towels in their bathrooms. Let’s be honest here…High school boys can be dense, but most of the time they don’t go out of their way to do it. They wouldn’t be foolish enough to clog drains with paper towels, and make paper towel sculptures on the walls of the bathrooms, and think at the same time that they’ll get away with it. Like, on a real note…I don’t know a single high school boy that would think doing that stuff, in their school bathroom was “fun” or “cool”.  I’m almost 110% positive that since this “paper towel revolution” debacle, the boys at this school would enjoy having their paper towels back on the inside of the bathrooms, not the outside. Trust me, there are many more, ignorant situations than just that one; That just happened to be the daftest.

Over all, High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers don’t love each other the way some would like us to. It’s just the way it goes, and it doesn’t help that every year we get to welcome 100 times more 7th graders. It would honestly be better for everyone if the school actually held in its name, Benjamin Franklin HIGH SCHOOL; notice how that says “High School” and not “Middle School”. If there were two different buildings for high school and middle school life would be much easier for not only the students but the staff as well.