BFHS Football vs. ALA Queen Creek

Nic Rendon, Contributor

Last week, the Benjamin Franklin football team played a home game against ALA Queen Creek. This was one of the most highly anticipated games of the season. Both teams were undefeated going into this game, with ALA being ranked #1 and BFHS ranked #2. The stakes were higher than ever because the winner of this match-up would secure the number one spot going into the playoffs. The BFHS students were just as excited for this game as the players were. It was set to be the biggest game.

On Friday night, people filled the stands and all the space around the field. Even ALA’s stands were completely filled having way more people attend than anyone expected. The two teams were ready to begin the game at 7:00, as usual. The Chargers won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball. They got the ball, and had to punt shorty after. Then, ALA’s elite offense drove down the field but missed the touchdown on a fourth down pass. Ben Franklin’s offense failed to make something out of there next drive, showing that this game would be very low scoring. After that, the Patriots were able to punch in a touchdown to make the score 7-0 in the first quarter. Meanwhile, the Chargers continued to struggle on the offensive side. The half ended with a 7-0 score.

The Patriots got the ball in the second half and were able to score on a very short drive. In return, the Chargers were able to block their extra point attempt, holding the score to 13-0.  In the third quarter, things started changing for the better for the Chargers. The offense was able to pick up the pace, and get Danner Bowen in the end-zone for a touchdown. This was followed by a touchdown from ALA and a missed 2 point conversion. Ben Franklin was able to punch the ball in for another touchdown, changing the score to 14-19 in the fourth quarter with ALA still ahead. The Chargers then had to take a risk. They went for an onside kick late in the fourth quarter and it worked. They got the ball back and had a very realistic chance of winning this game. The Charger running backs started driving down the field with a good chance of scoring. Then, on the 11 yard line going into the end-zone, the Chargers threw a pass that was intercepted by ALA and taking back for a Patriots touchdown. That was the play that sealed the game.

ALA Queen Creek won the game 26-14, keeping them 8-0, and knocking the Chargers down to 7-1. This puts ALA at the number one spot, and Ben Franklin at #2. Although they could not get the win, the Charger football team is still in high hopes, having only lost one game so far. Based on how the season has been going, they should not have too much trouble winning the next few games.