20 Sealed Ancient Egyptian Coffins Discovered

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20 Sealed Ancient Egyptian Coffins Discovered

Grace Davis, Contributor

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There is nothing more pleasing to these Egyptian Archaeologists then finding ancient Egyptian relics. In this case, these archaeologists found more than 20 sealed ancient Egyptian coffins. In the city of luxor, archaeologists found well-preserved, colorful coffins that seemed to be in very good condition. Oscar Holland, writer for CNN, informs his readers saying, “Found in Al-Assasif, an ancient necropolis on the west bank of Nile, the coffins were spread out over two levels of a large tomb. The site once formed part of the ancient city of Thebes, the ruins of which are found in present-day Luxor.” The country’s antiquities ministry describe the discovery to be, “one of the largest and most important discoveries to have been announced in the past few years.” Nobles were put in these coffins following their death and buried in Al-Assasif during these former times. The time as to when they have been buried has not yet been determined, but hopefully discovered soon. As exciting as this was to officials, this wasn’t the only uncovery to happen in the city of Luxor.

Archaeologists also unearthed an ancient “industrial zone” in which 30 workshops have been found. This site is also known as the Valley of the Monkeys, which neighbors the famous Valley of the Kings. George Dvorsky informs, “The Valley of Kings were described as being the largest since the time of Howard Carter, the famous discoverer of King Tut’s tomb.” Many of these workshops presented pottery that dated back to the 18th century. Jason Daley  writes of this saying, “Each shop had a different purpose—for example, producing pottery or gold artifacts—but all were assigned to the general task of creating funerary goods for Egyptian nobles and wealthy individuals.” In addition to these many new discoveries, researchers found an in-ground water tank which most likely was present as drinking water for the workers.

They also found hundreds of inlay bed, oven used to burn clay and metal, a scarab ring, and gold foil which was used to enrich royal tombs. Archaeologists are ecstatic of these many new ancient antiques found. Archaeologist Zahi Hawass exclaims, “Up until now, everything we knew about the [Luxor region] came from the tombs themselves, but this new discovery will allow us to shed a light on the tools and techniques used to produce the royal coffins and the furniture placed in the tombs.”  Archaeologist continue to unearth many new relics to add to their grand discovery. They hope to find many undiscovered royal coffins to people such as Queen Nefertiti or Ramses VIII. CNN highlight this saying, “The team is also hoping to uncover the tombs of three prominent pharaohs: King Amenhotep I, King Thutmose II and Ramses VIII.” The ancient Egyptians left behind a great deal of artifacts that to our day, are very incomparable and very important to our history. This excavation is very substantial and remarkable. This new discovery will make a cultural mark to our history books that we may never forget.