The Demon House

The Demon House

Araby Scott, Contributor

In 2018 Zak Bagans; paranormal investigator, and host of Ghost Adventures, released a movie titled Demon House. The film revolved around Bagans and his crew exploring a haunted house in Gary, Indiana. After buying the house in 2014, Bagans was interviewed at length by the locals. The townspeople of Gary thought Bagans was insane for purchasing a house with such strong ties to the supernatural.

The Ammons family, who previously owned the demon house, reported numerous possessions and abnormal sightings. The first thing the struck the owners as odd was a fly infestation on their front porch. The flies began swarming in winter, and had no identifiable reason to be so attached to the house. Also peculiar, none of the neighbors reported a fly problem. The family did everything they could get rid of the flies, but no matter what they tried they always came back in swarms. Rosa Campbell, Latoya Ammons mother, stated, “This is not normal. We killed them and killed them and killed them, but they kept coming back.” Rosa Campbell experienced a great deal of paranormal encounters whilst living in the haunted house. She allegedly saw shadowy figures, bootprints, heard footsteps and creaky doors in the basement.

The three children in the household, were also a source of the paranormal activity. Their mother, Latoya Ammons, reported that they had been possessed by a demonic presence on multiple occasions. During these possessions the children would growl, scream and thrash around. In one instance Ammon’s son charged at his grandmother, and walked backward up a wall. Multiple people claimed to have witnessed this encounter, but most notably, the CPS case manager, Valerie Washington. After a few encounters with the paranormal whilst working with the Ammons family, Washington refused to go back into the Carolina Street house.

The Ammons family, desperate to cleanse their house from the demonic presence, contacted local churches. After multiple churches refused to listen to their claims, representatives from a local church visited the house. They recommend that the family clean the entire house with anomia and bleach, and then draw crosses with oli on every window and door. In 2012 the family moved to Indianapolis, and reported that the demonic activity has stopped. Even though they moved, the family refused interviews with Zak Bagans because he had been in the house. The Ammons believed that the spirits could attach themselves to a person from entering the house.

Whilst filming Demon House, a member of the crew was given an exorcism, after he claimed to have been possessed and attacked a cameraman. Shortly after Bagans bought the house, he feel extremely ill for several days. Priest Maginot, spoke to Bagans multiple times throughout the film. Maginot recommend that Bagans and his crew hang crucifixes and try to avoid demonic activity. Bagans refused to heed the priest’s warnings stating that demonic activity was the whole point of the film. In the film Bagans reported that multiple crew members quit due to the paranormal encounters.

Physician Geoffrey Onyeukwu, a skeptic of the Ammons hauntings and Bagans finds, failed to witness any supernatural activity. In his notes he claimed, that the Ammons family saw, “delusions of ghost in home.” To further his claims, the Ammons children had sporadic school attendance, which Latoya blamed on the supernatural. In addition to this, after the Ammons family moved to Indianapolis, the house was bought before Bagans. The owners previous to Bagans, but after the Ammons, reported no paranormal activity.