Jared Leto’s Career as Joker is Finished

Jared Leto's Career as Joker is Finished

Alora Foote, Contributor

After the release of Joker on October 4, Oscar-winning method actor Jared Leto becomes furious with its existence. Leto was known in the DC Universe by his method acting role in Suicide Squad as the prince of crime. However, his performance as this character did not receive good reviews, hence why he didn’t get the role in the recent release.

Backlash after Suicide Squad released in 2016 put Jared Leto’s method acting as Joker to shame while Margot Robbie’s character received a lot of love from the public. “The Oscar-winner is a well-known Method actor, so when it came to prepping for the role, he isolated himself from the rest of the cast and surfaced only to send his co-stars bizarre gifts—when it comes to rats, bullets, and dead hogs, he’s apparently very generous… However, a lot of people were pretty underwhelmed by his performance, and one consistent complaint has been that Leto’s portrayal was too over the top” (Looper). Leto also didn’t have much screen time in Suicide Squad and he had his own explanation, even though no one seems to accept it. He claimed that the clips the producers had filmed of his character which were cut from the final product were “too good” to be put in the movie and deserved their own movie. He would not want to “outshine” the other stars with his oscar winning method acting. However, Margot Robbie, who played Harley Quinn, claimed it was because he was not essential to the storyline and his cut had nothing to do with his supposed superior skill. Clearly not everyone thought that Jared Leto made a good Joker and Todd Phillips, the film director for Joker, decided he wasn’t going to be casted in project.

Upon hearing that he was not going to be casted for the role in Joker, Jared Leto publicly expressed how he felt regarding his rejection. Leto believed that he should have received his own solo movie as Joker or in tag-team movies such as Joker vs. Harley Quinn. However, both his solo and the co-movie were scrapped earlier this year for reasons unknown. “The Oscar-winner’s confusion about the situation saw him attempting to block on the Todd Phillips-directed film by putting pressure on Creative Artists Agency…” (Flickering Myth). Jared Leto said that he had expected his agents to have heard about Todd Phillips’ movie project to make the Joker film, told him, and pushed harder to land him the role as Joker. Leto used the excuse of not being treated properly as an oscar-winner to justify telling his agents to try to block the movie from taking off. Evidently, they were unsuccessful. Leto’s public image has now taken hits from acting so self-important. Jared Leto is reportedly offended that Joker is such a success without him, on its way to take the crown for top rated-R movie from Deadpool. Since he was already pretty ticked with the movie’s existence, the success of it was just a slap in the face to Leto.



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