Steven Universe Future: Season 6 Epilogue Series to end the Franchise


Chandler Ellerbusch, Contributor

Welcome back to “Animation News”. Last time we talked about Steven Universe we were gearing up for Steven Universe: The Movie, but after the movie’s events people were wondering what was next especially after “series creator Rebecca Sugar revealed at New York Comic Con that an epilogue-style limited series, entitled Steven Universe Future, is on its way” (Radulovic, 2019).

Steven Universe Future takes place after the events of the movie and with the timeskip came a completely new opening sequence: “A new arrangement of ‘Here We Are in the Future’ replaces ‘We Are the Crystal Gems’ as the series’ signature theme” (Pulliam-Moore, 2019).

(Spoilers after this point)

The new opening included not only Lapis, Peridot, and Bismuth with the crystal gems, but also expands to fitting in the diamonds, the off colors, Lars, Connie, and some of the healed corrupted gems.

The opening also hints at the antagonists for the limited series with a shot at the bad guys to come. In the array of villains you can clearly recognize Jasper and a pair of lapis lazulis, but the other bad guys shown are a mystery. There is an amalgamation sort of cactus that looks like Steven’s plant powers gone wrong, a smaller gem that looks similar to aquamarine, a huge horned creature that looks like a corrupt gem, and a character that looks strikingly similar to that of White Diamond. The new opening also showed that little homeworld, that was under construction in the movie, was finally complete and that the lives of gems and humans are slowly intertwining.

Throughout Steven Universe, Steven has been fixing other people’s problems and dealing with the issues that his mother left him when she passed, but now Stevens realized that “he’s solved basically all of everyone else’s problems meaning that he’s finally got to properly focus on his own baggage without any distractions” (Pulliam-Moore, 2019).

Currently there is no set release date for Steven Universe Future, but my guess is that it would probably come out sometime next year. If you love Steven Universe as much as I do, then make sure to watch Steven Universe Future once it airs. Next time on “Animation News”, the new cartoon spin-off that is one of the first U.S cartoons to feature a multigenerational Mexican-American family.