This Movie is No Joke.

This Movie is No Joke.

Kayla Smith, contributor

On October 4, 2019 the movie, Joker was finally released. The Warner Bros film made 96.2 million dollars on opening night, as people filled almost every seat in every theater. In fact, Joker has become Warner Bros most bankable film within this past year. This incredible thriller allows the audience to see how lonely and mentally ill, failed comedian, Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix) became the famous villain in Gotham City, aka The Joker.  Although Joker has had many small roles in other movies, this DC comic character never got a full story/movie until now. The new film gives viewers a perfect picture of how the Joker turns from a happy, but struggling young man, to an insane, psychotic, criminal. It even gives a glimpse of Bruce Wayne (batman) as a young child and shows an explanation onto as why the Joker despises him. While watching, it would be impossible to miss the jaw dropping information that connects Joker to other movies involving his character. Even though this crazy movie shows the action audience wants to see, it also shows how lonely and sad the Joker’s life was before he became an idol to the troubled. The audience will see that Joker was not always the heartless, cold blooded, criminal they know him as; Some viewers may even feel sympathetic. This movie is filled with more than enough emotion and insanity. It has had many mixed reviews, but over all, has been rated a five star movie. Some may call it a horror movie due to the disturbing and mentally psychotic scenes shown- or some may say it was an incredible thriller/drama film due to the amazing acting and storyline. Viewers have many different opinions, You either love the movie or you hate it. 


some critics on rotten tomatoes have said the following about the film:


“A movie that borders on genius-repellant, dark, terrifying, disgusting, brilliant and unforgettable.”


“Digging deep into his role, Phoenix was the secret weapon required to make us understand the human pain behind Joker’s wickedness.”


Most were above and beyond impressed with Joaquin Phoenix’s acting. Other reviews say similar things and agree that Phoenix made this movie something else. Acting is a difficult thing in general, but playing the role of the Joker is something completely different. There have been numerous actors for the role of the Joker and almost all of them have said in interviews that the role of playing the joker changes them in a way for a short time. some even believe that Heath Ledger, the actor of the Joker in The Dark Knight, died because of the dark mindset he had to put on to become like the joker when filming. It takes a good actor to make a good movie and Warner Bros did not fail us this time. although some may find the new movie extremely disturbing or scary, it’s amazing to see how well Phoenix played the role of Joker. However, this film is rated R for a reason, this movie is no joke.