Attack on Titan Chapter 122

Attack on Titan Chapter 122

Andres Nichols, Contributor

Attack on Titan has been a long-running manga series that is updated monthly. The story takes place in a fictional world where several humans live within giant walls; trying to survive from the titans. The main protagonist, Eren Yeager, joins the survey corps –a military regiment that goes outside the walls– to eliminate all the titans. Ironically, Eren soon finds out that he possess the ability of a titan shifter; a power in chich a human can become a titan. As the story progresses, Eren and the survey corps found out that he is not the only one who is a titan shifter. the group comes to find that there is a total of nine titan shifters. As time passes, it is revealed that there are more people in the world on another island. On that island, there lives a another race of humans, Marleyans, that oppress the common race living on Eren’s home island; the Eldians. Here it is revealed that the titans were previously Eldians humans and that other titan shifters have been living on Marley. Eren is raged that other humans have ruined his life and wants to defeat the Marleyans.

Chapter 122 begins with a flashback of the first titan shifter’s life, Ymir. Ymir was described to be a kind person even when her surrounding conditions are terrible. She tried to release some pigs to end up having all the other slaves ratting her out. Her punishment was to be hunted while she runs free. While running away she walks into a tree and falls into a pool of liquid where she receives the titan power. The king then realizes that with her new power, she can be useful to him. She is then seen with three children and the king when a Marleyan appeared and threw a spear at the king. Despite being treated poorly, Ymir jumped in front to protect the king. After passing away the king tells the three children to eat Ymir’s body to inherit the titan power and to do the same with their children. The next scene jumps to Eren stopping Ymir from completing Zeke’s wish for power. Zeke yells at her, telling her that he is royal family and she must do as he says. Eren however tells her to make her own choice because she is not a slave or a god but just a human who should make her own choice. The scene suddenly changes to the actual world where Eren was given the power which begins the rumbling leaving the chapter with an amazing cliffhanger.

As always, Attack on Titan delivered with an amazing chapter. The flashback of Ymir’s life was emotional and brought much meaning to the decision made on who received the power. The chapter brings the final arc of the story closer to an end but still gives off a craving for more. This last chapter was amazing and I highly recommend that any one interested should check the series out.