Wedding Shoot Doesn’t Meet Expectations

Alora Foote, Contributor

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This past Saturday, the 12 of October, in New Hampshire, a couple held their wedding in the New England Pentecostal Church in Pelham surrounded by their friends and family. However, not all went according to plan and things went south while a bride’s worst nightmare unfolded. An armed man arrived at the wedding carrying a handgun into the reception. Casualties included two wounded by bullets and one injured in the commotion after the man open fired into the church and into the guests.

Authorities are charging Dale Holloway, a 37-year-old man, with first-degree assault. His charges include shooting Stanley Choate, 75 years, in the chest and Claire McMullen, 60, who was shot in the arm. “Choate, the presiding bishop at the wedding, is in serious condition at Tufts Medical Center in Boston while McMullen is in good condition at a local hospital” (Fox News Network). In addition to the two casualties, in an effort to stop the gunman, another man suffered an injury. 60 year-old Mark Castiglione suffered a head injury from a falling object. He was treated and released fairly quickly and suffered no permanent effects.

The authorities report that this wedding catastrophe seems to have not been a random event and rather was a purposeful targeted event. However, they cannot identify a motive for why the shooter would target the newly weds or their friends and family. The investigators working to solve the case drew a connection between this shooting another event regarding the same church. “A funeral was scheduled to be held at the church after the wedding for 60-year-old Luis Garcia. Garcia had been a minister at the church. He was shot and killed earlier this month and Brandon Castiglione, 24, has been charged in his murder and is jailed. It was unclear if the two shootings were related” (Fox News Network). Investigators are continuing their research and seeing whether or not the two events are in fact connected.

Pelham Police Chief Joseph Roark expressed his appreciation for how the situation was handled by the guests present at the wedding. He stated that the church administration had received training on how to handle situations like being able to address an active shooter or other criminal events. The police chief found comfort in that, though he did not know whether the guests had received similar training, they did what they were supposed to do. The guests had tackled Dale Holloway before he was able to cause more harm to those present. The authorities were not able to respond to the church immediately due to the 40 miles in between Concord, the state’s capitol, and Pelham. Local police were able to shut down and close off the crime scene and transport the injured to hospitals before Pelham Police Chief Joseph Roark was able to arrive on scene and begin investigation.

Dale Holloway will be expected to answer to his arraignation and plead his case on Tuesday, October 22. The trial will be held at Hillsborough County Superior Court. It has not been released to the public whether or not Holloway will be represented by an attorney at law.