NFL Week 6

Parker Willis, Contributor

Last week was some of the biggest NFL games played this year. The Packers beat the Lions 23 to 22, the Cardinals beat the Falcons 34 to 33, and lastly the Redskins beat the Dolphins 17 to 16. Those were the best and closest games of week 6. In the Packers game, the score went back and forth until Mason Crosby, the Packers kicker, scored a field goal for the win in the last thirty seconds of the game. Early on in the game the Packers threw a deep pass to Aaron Jones which hit the tip of his fingers and dropped in the end zone, but in the end the Packers won in the fourth quarter.

The Cardinals barely pulled off their second win of the season against the Falcons. The Packers and Lions game had a similar outcome. In the last minute of the fourth quarter, the Falcons kicker, Matt Bryant, attempted to kick a field goal but missed leaving the Cardinals in the lead. Chase Edmonds carried the ball for 34 yards five separate times while scoring a touchdown. Edmonds does not get a lot of playing time, but he makes the most of his opportunities. He is an underdog of the team and a valuable asset on the second string under David Johnson.

The Redskins and Dolphins game was not supposed to be an exciting game to watch considering their past records, but surprisingly it was a great game to experience on and off the field. Terry Mclaurin and Adrian Peterson stole the show for Sunday’s game with their incredible catches and runs. The Redskins also did surprisingly well getting five sacks in one game.

All of the other games this week were also thrilling to watch, but they were not the best and closest games of the week. Week 6 determined what teams would ultimately prevail.