Fortnite Chapter 2


Oliver Jamias, Contributor

Ever since its release, the structure of Fortnite and its gameplay has remained relatively consistent; a new season every few months, with a few alterations to both the map and weapons available during the season to change things up a bit.  At the end of every season, there would be a live event to close off the season and introduce the next one.  However, the latest event that was meant to finish off season 10 ended a little differently from the others.

On October 13, at around noon, the game’s usual battle royale game modes were replaced by a single game mode simply dubbed “The End”.  For about 40 hours, the game was rendered unplayable, and players were greeted with a black hole if they tried to play.  Prior to this, several rifts and rockets, joined by a meteor, crashed into the Fortnite island, creating a black hole that proceeded to suck everything in.

Several big names in the Fortnite community such as Ninja and Bugha have expressed their reactions online.

“I am in love with this new Fortnite.”- said the Fortnite veteran Ninja regarding the changes.

Bugha, who had recently won the Fortnite World Cup, responded to the event with “THIS IS CRAZY”.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk joined in on the fun and responded to claims that he deleted Fortnite with a “Haha”.

After the 40 hour period passed, Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, released a trailer featuring the new additions featured in the new season.  Many of these seem to based on the fact that water now serves a much larger role on the new map than it did on the old map.  Rivers branch out from the new lake in the middle of the map into the rest of the map, turning water into a gameplay mechanic that players will most likely run into a lot.  In order to combat this, several methods of aquatic movement have been made available.  Rather than wading through it, players are now able to swim and dive through water to increase their speed, and some weapons are also able to be fired while in the water.  Boats are now available as well, and provide optimal transport for squads playing together.

Out of the water, there are new tactics available when it comes to fighting.  Players are now able to hide inside large enough objects such as haystacks and dumpsters in order to get the drop on anyone who happens to be nearby.  The main method of leveling up has also received a few changes.  Players are now required to earn medals to gain experience, although there are more methods of getting these medals compared to the missions featured in Chapter 1.

Overall, this flux of new gameplay additions and changes is just what Fortnite needed in order to keep it going.  Despite being massive popular in 2018, the battle royale game had been experiencing a gradual decline in popularity.  With this new rebranding, Epic Games might be able to keep their product in the limelight a little bit longer.