Seattle Tell Cleveland Brown Fans “Bye Bye Bye” in Choreographed Touchdown Celebration

Parul Singh, Contributor

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Cleveland Browns in a “close’ match(32-28) and the Seahawks got a chance to “show off some of their dance moves after one touchdown”, as stated on FOX News. They showed off their dance moves after Jaron Brown received a 17-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson. NSYNC band members, “Lance Bass” and “Chris Kirkpatrick” both approved of the Seahawks dance the ‘Bye Bye Bye’, that the NSYNC members gave them props to go along with their dance. The 90s boy band even stated on their twitter, “The judges score…10-10-10-10-10, a perfect score all around”.

There are tons of videos on this topic of the Seattle Seahawks and their choreographed dance to NSYNC song ‘Bye Bye Bye’ and it is definitely going viral. Even the 90s band, NSYNC, thinks that to, as stated in their tweet. After the Seahawks choreographed dance, the game started back again and both teams were focused on winning. The touchdown pass was just “one of two” from Wilson during the game and the quarterback “ran a third himself”, in order to lead the Seahawks in a “fourth quarter comeback”, as stated in the Seattle Times.

After a very “rough first half”, the Sea hawks eventually did defeat the Browns in a very close match. Their final score 32-28, pushing the Seahawks ahead to “5-1 in the season”, while the Brown, on the other hand, “fell behind 2-4”. Over the past years, touchdown celebrations/dances/parties have become “a point of contention in the league”. In other words, the team celebrating their victory is common, especially in the league. Popsugar states “Well, there is nothing unsportsmanlike about a little choreographed dance routine, and if Justin Timberlake approves, so should the league!” Choreographed victory dances have become popular throughout the years in sports that its becoming more common to see the winning team perform. It isn’t just a boring, common, over-used trend, it is victory for a team, but in style.