California Brain Surgeon is Found Dead in His Jail Cell

California Brain Surgeon is Found Dead in His Jail Cell

Onika Wallace, Contributor

A California Brain Surgeon,James Kohut, was arrested for child sexual assaults on May 14th,2017, was reportedly found dead in his jail cell on Sunday, October 13,2019. A correctional officer found him dead at 5:45 A.M. while he was giving the inmates their breakfast. Mr. Kohut was seen alive shortly before the officer arrived at his cell. Mr. Kohut was charged with 48 accounts of sexual abuse. If fully convicted, he could have served up to 165 years. He pleaded not guilty to all of 10 charges. Mr. Kohut was working at an Arkansas hospital when he was arrested. He was then fired from the hospital and his medical license was suspended in the state of Arkansas.

Many of the victims and prosecutors say he wanted to impregnate these women so he could have more victims. According to Assistant District Attorney Steven Moore, he says many of the women James Kohut sexually assaulted, Mr. Kohut wanted to have “‘Taboo’ families where the parents raise their family sexually.” Mr. Kohut’s two girlfriends, Rashel Brandon(a former nurse for the Dominican Hospital) and Emily Stephens, were also convicted for child sexual assaults. It was the children of Ms. Brandon and Ms. Stephens that were sexually assaulted. All three of the suspects were participating in the abuse of the children.There was a total of four children that were sexually assaulted. There is nothing suggested Mr. Kohut sexually assaulted his own children. many sources say he was trying to engage with mothers because he wanted to sexually abuse their children. It is said that he was doing this for decades before his arrest. He preferred children between the age of six and eight years old and when the daughters turned ten, he wanted to impregnate them immediately to continue raising a sexual family. He traveled to many different places in the world to have his “families”. The two women are still awaiting trials for their multiple accounts of felony charges.

Mr. Kohut was placed on suicide watch when he was arrested due to Mr. Moore telling the judge that James Kohut had written a suicide note. Judge Samuel Stevens had then stated,”I’m not taking into account at all whether he’s going to commit suicide,That’s up to him.”According to the court papers, Mr. Kohut was not a suicide risk because his lawyer, Jay Rorty, countered that “the doctor was just experiencing a ‘dark night of the soul'”. The Sheriff’s office is investigating whether or not Mr. Kohut’s death was indeed a suicide. There is an autopsy scheduled this week.However, all of the immediate signs are pointing to suicide. Even though he’s been placed on suicide watch before, he was not on suicide watch when he died. There was another inmate in the same cell as him, however the inmate was not in the cell of his death because the inmate was being held in the jail’s protective housing unit. His suicide was unexpected considering he has been in jail for over two years and just now decided to do. many people though he was over the whole suicide thing, which is why he was taken off of suicide watch.


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