The Hunting of Lewis (Part 7)


Braquel Schiermeyer, Contributor

I stared in disbelief.

“How is this possible? I saw your car go up in flames!… You!” I turned to Elena. “I saw you get ejected and land on a fence made of barbed wire! This, this is impossible.”

My head was exploding.

“I’m dreaming…” I kept telling myself.  “This is all just a weird bad dream.”

I kept trying to wake myself up. I tried everything until finally, I realized it was real and I wasn’t dreaming.

“Listen, I know you’re very confused right now…”

“Confused!! I’m beyond confused! I’m freaking out!”

I turned and pointed to his family.

“Explain this to me, Lewis! Explain to me how your family is standing here right in front of me because I saw them die!” I was shaking and he was as cool as a cucumber.

“I know that Hannah, but we can’t stand out here and talk.”

Confused and a little irritated I asked, “Why? Why can’t we talk out in these tunnels? You led me down this maze, and you’re telling me it isn’t safe to talk freely down here?” My face felt hot and I was a little nauseous, but I didn’t care. I needed to know what was going on, so I continued to push, “Lewis, you better explain to me what’s going on in the next 5 minutes, or I swear, I’m leaving and telling my step-dad that they’re still alive.”

His mom stepped in right then and there and told Lewis that if I told Josh, things would get really complicated. She leaned in and said in a hushed tone, “Lewis you need to calm her down.
Invite her in and tell her that we will explain everything once we’re safe.” She went and sat at the table with her husband and Elena.

Lewis reached for my hand, but I didn’t let him take it, “Listen to me right now Hannah. I need you to come inside with me. I know right now your head must be exploding, and you have no reason to trust me, but I’ll explain everything once we’re inside.”

I had absolutely no reason to trust him, but I didn’t want to find out what they were so scared of in these tunnels, so I agreed to go inside with him.

When I stepped over the threshold, the door shut and a locked behind me.

(…to be continued)