Owl House Geared to Launch in 2020 on Disney Channel


Chandler Ellerbusch, Contributor

Welcome back from break and to your source of all cartoon and animation related news. This week we are talking about the highly anticipated Disney Channel cartoon Owl House. Owl House is created by Dana Terrace who previously worked on the highly acclaimed cartoon Gravity Falls. Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls and the voice for many of its characters, is the voice acting of an adorable warrior kitty cat wearing a skull helmet who will be a comical character in the new show.

Owl House recently made its debut in New York Comic Con on October 4 with a first look at the new cartoon. It was revealed during the NYCC panel that, “The Owl House stars Sarah-Nicole Robles (The Boss Baby) as a regular teenager, Luz, who finds herself whisked away to a magical world of witches, wizards, and supernatural creatures” (Wojnar, 2019). Luz then makes friends with a sassy witch named Eda, voiced by Wendie Malick, who allows Luz to become her apprentice at the Owl House despite Luz’s complete lack of powers.

“The Owl House is full of vivid imagery, fast-paced humor, and excellent voice acting,” which could lead the new cartoon to be a breakout hit for Disney Channel (Wojnar, 2019). The show also has art direction from Ricky Cometa, who worked previously on Steven Universe, one of the most critically acclaimed shows on television, animated or not. With all this talent working on one show, I have no doubt that the Owl House is going to be a funny and successful cartoon. Owl House is set to air January of 2020 on Disney Channel, so if you’re a fan of Gravity Falls or just looking for a fresh new show, make sure to give it a watch. Next week on Animation News we’ll be talking about the Cartoon Network’s new limited epilogue series to end one of their most critically acclaimed cartoons to date.



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