What the Florida!? – Week of September 6


Gunnar Strom, Contributor

Man Arrested After Smacking Dad With a Pizza

33-year-old man Robert Houston lives in Pasco County with his father, and was recently arrested on domestic battery charges after he hit his dad with an entire pizza. Houston was angry at his father because he “helped give birth to him.” What he meant by that is still unknown, although it is assumed he meant the fact that it was his father, not that his father gave birth to him. Houston told police that he knew he was going to jail as soon as he did it, and police saw his father covered in pizza sauce and cheese when they arrived on scene.

Man Breaks into House Just to Make Breakfast, Tells Owner to Go Back to Sleep

Gavin Crim broke into a house this past week in the early hours of the morning, however, rather than steal valuables or even check around for anything worth money, Crim decided to cook himself breakfast. Around four in the morning, the owner of the house woke up to the smell of breakfast being cooked, and when they investigated further, they found Crim in the kitchen, telling them to go back to bed. The homeowner then called the police, and 19-year-old Gavin Crim was caught down the street. Police have stated that he may have been intoxicated during the home invasion and charges have not yet been pressed.

Man Pulls a Gun on Woman Who Refused to Try His Vape

A man in St. John’s County was arrested the other day after he pulled a gun on a woman who refused to try his vape in a McDonald’s. He asked the woman, and after she politely refused, he responded with, “Are you serious, bro!?” and pulled out a gun, according to police. The victim later told police that she was in fear of her life, and reported the incident as soon as the suspect left. Police tracked him down and took him back to the restaurant, where he was identified as 19-year-old Kyle McGill Walker. He has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill.