Tuesday Volleyball Game Against Sabino


Alexis Banks, Editor

Our lady chargers on Tuesday played their first set of Freshman games against Sabino in an easy, well managed match. Since the school had already planned on the Volleyball girls having a Junior Varsity B team along with their already established Junior Varsity team, games were scheduled for that presumed team. The coaches, however, didn’t have enough girls to make a second Junior Varsity team, so the established team of Junior Varsity played their games as well as the Freshman games.

While the JV teams second placement of players didn’t beat the freshman girls, the team pulled it back together against the Junior Varsity team and won it in the third set. The girls played excited and controlled which gave them a well deserved win. In the first set, the girls won it quickly, but the second set just barely got away from them and they were forced to take it back in the third.

Varsity on Tuesday wasn’t able to take an overall win, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their playing throughout the game was lacking. The girls desperately tried to keep up the pace against Sabino while they barely managed to find strategic holes throughout our defense. The coach was smart enough to recognize our plays and change up the line up to better fight us after we took the first set. Sabino then went on to take every set after winning them the game. The girls proved to everyone that they will keep on improving throughout the season and keep adjusting to the plays given to them with all their might.

The support from that night brought challenge out of the girls on the court and reached out to each player as they fought their hardest for each ball they could. They never let the ball drop without putting up a fight to try. While the day ended in defeat, the girls proved that the rest of the season will be better as they keep on improving their skills to take on each challenge to come.