Adidas vows to make 11 million shoes from ocean plastic


Parker Willis, Contributor

In 2015, Adidas partnered with Parley for the oceans to make shoes from plastic. The deal was that if Parley for the oceans gave adidas the plastic that they pick up then adidas will recycle it to make millions of shoes a year.

This whole process starts by the ocean with either volunteers or workers picking up trash before it gets to the ocean. Once they have all the plastic, it get sent to a factory to be made into a replacement for virgin polyester. This replacement for virgin polyester is just as good as the original material. Once adidas gets the replacement material for the shoes they go through the process of making the shoes after they design it. This is the same process but with a different material.

Adidas is not just limited to making shoes with plastic but they have made many of their other products. They also make jerseys for many sports around the world. Some nfl football teams use these jerseys with the recycled plastic in it.

Why is this so good? This is extremely good because a lot of this plastic would be in the ocean harming marine life. All the plastic that goes into the ocean harms the animals by getting into their digestive systems or the plastic can wrap around the animal and get stuck causing marine life extreme pain. Adidas and Parley for the Oceans are stopping all of this from happening by picking up the plastics on the beach before it can even get to the ocean.

This benefit Adidas, Parley for the Oceans and the environment because adidas gets resources and the environment is cleaner. It is a win-win. Adidas makes four hundred million pairs of shoes every  year and this takes up a lot of resources. So they turned to a different resource; by turning to use plastic, it helps them for more resources and the conservationists by helping the environment. There is so much of this plastic that is being picked up that adidas is expected to make 11 million pairs of shoes out of. That is more than double from last year in 2018. This means that adidas likes using plastic and wants to make more with it. This also means that they are constantly finding more plastic to be recycled and stopping more and more plastic from reaching the ocean to harm any marine life. Adidas plans to replace all virgin polyester with recycled plastic by 2024. With their progress that they are making right now, they can easily reach that goal of 400 million shoes a year for recycles plastic. Adidas also plans to make a 100% recycled shoe by 2020. The idea here is that when you are done with your shoes and they get to small for you, you can either send them back or take them to a store to give them back. There is a chance that you will receive a small amount of money when you do this, but it’s not guaranteed. When adidas receives the shoe, they will recycle it and make a new one from it. They are still planning the foundations of this project but hope to make it in motion by 2021.

Adidas Plans to Make a Whopping 11 Million Pairs of Sneakers in 2019 With Recycled Ocean Plastic