Revolution For Hong Kong! America Come Alongside!


Selas Rivers, Contributor

Hong Kong’s Revolution began on March 31st, 2019, and is still alive. The call from the Hong Kong people is asking for the United States to come help them claim back their rights and liberties. How did this start?

A man named Chan Tong-kai and his girlfriend Poon Hiu-wing went on vacation to Taiwan on February 8th. On February 17, Chan returned back to Hong Kong without Poon Hiu-wing. According to Taiwan police, Chan was seen carrying a huge pink suitcase when checking out of a Taipei hotel. The police suspected that Poon’s body was inside (Source 6). Taiwanese officials wanted justice and contacted the Hong Kong authority to hand over Chan to face trial in Taiwan. Unfortunately, Hong Kong officials could not comply with the request due to their lack of an extradition bill with Taiwan. As a result, Carrie Law, Hong Kong’s leader, allowed extradition to mainland China, despite Hong Kong people’s consent. The government’s argument was that the proposed amendments would “plug the loopholes” so that the city would not be a safe haven for criminals (Source 4). China’s extradition plans would allow the Hong Kong government to get requests from, any country for the extradition of criminal suspects, even countries that don’t have an extradition treaty with them (including China, Taiwan, and Macau) (Source 4). According to Human Rights Watch, “The proposed changes to the extradition laws will put anyone in Hong Kong doing work related to the mainland at risk,” (Source 4). Also by a woman named Sophie Richardson from Human Rights Watch stated, “No one will be safe, including activists, human rights lawyers, journalists, and social workers,” (Source 4).

Due to this occurrence, the Hong Kong people have called on the United States to come to help them fight for their cause of freedom. The United States has many reasons to fight alongside Hong Kong citizens. The first is that the U.S. has more than 1,300 US firms, including 726 regional operations, and approximately 85,000 American residents in Hong Kong. Along with this, Hong Kong is the U.S.’s major export market, which benefits the U.S.’s trade surplus of $33.8 billion (Source 5). The second, a politically free Hong Kong is good for U.S. national security (Source 5). This meaning that the U.S. and Hong Kong are great buds who don’t mind sharing their military equipment. Both Hong Kong and the US are anti-terrorist countries that love freedom and trust. The third, if Hong Kong listens to China’s advice of the extradition bill being passed it would only make things worse for Hong Kong. Currently, the U.S. and Hong Kong are engaging in strategic competition, and if Hong Kong gives in to China’s request, it could affect their relationship with the U.S. (Source 5). Lastly, the United States is the “last best hope of earth,” as Hong Kong Protestors state. The U.S. should know what this kind of Revolution is like because the U.S. went through its own revolution for freedom from Britain back in 1765. For these reasons, the U.S. should stand up and help Hong Kong, just as they failed to with the French.