3-Year-Old Dies After Being left in the Car

3-Year-Old Dies After Being left in the Car

Brian Hwu

Madeline Farnsworth, Contributor

On Tuesday, September 3, a  911 call came in from a frantic mother. The caller first said “I left her in the car. Oh my God.” The caller went on to say that her husband had forgot that his daughter was in the car. The parents had decided to keep the 3-year-old Charlie home from school because they were going on vacation the next day. The mother called her husband on her lunch break to ask how Charlie was doing. That was when he had realized that he had left his daughter in the car. On the phone call between the couple, the husband said  “oh my God. Where’s (Charlie)? Oh my God. Oh my God. Is – is she in the car (unintelligible)?” When he ran out to his car, he tragically found his baby in the car, unresponsive. In the 911 transcripts, the husband kept saying “Oh my God. Please say she’s okay. Oh my God.” The neighbors hear the panicked father and came outside. They proceeded to give the girl CPR. The dispatch officer was talking the father through how to give CPR.

Charlie was left in the hot vehicle for two to three hours. The temperature in Gilbert on Tuesday was 109. When emergency medical attention finally arrived, despite all their extraordinary efforts, the 3- year-old girl died in the hospital. According to country wide data, Charlie was the third child to die in Arizona this year. However, nation wide, Charlie is the 41 child to die from being left in the car in 2019 alone. Children who are locked in hot cars can become a tragic and terrible accident that can lead to death.

In the neighborhood, there are pink ribbons tied on all the trees in memory of Charlie. The neighbors are coming together to support the family who lost their three-year-old daughter. Judy Rott was one of the neighbors who came over when they discovered Charlie. She told 12 news that Charlie “was just an adorable little 3-year-old. What 3-year-old doesn’t take your heart?” Judy later said that the whole neighborhood was heart broken and want the family to know that the neighborhood is there for them. “Just pray for the family and don’t judge them. I’ve heard rumors about judgment and it’s wrong. No one should have to endure this,” a neighbor said. The family is heartbroken from their loss. The neighbors have told news outlets to not judge the family. They did not intentionally harm their precious 3-year-old. The neighbors have rallied behind this family who have tragically lose their daughter.

There is an investigation being conducted by the Gilbert Police to determine if the family should be charged with neglect. The police say it is too early in the investigation to provide any information and details to possible outcomes. The Gilbert police conducted their onsite investigation on Tuesday but they did not leave until 1 in the afternoon. When the investigation is finished, then the Gilbert PD will decide if the family should be charged with criminal charges.


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