All You Need Is Math? The Man Using Equations To Find Love


Parul Singh, Contributor

Love is definitely a “number game”, but mathematician, “Bobby Seagull” takes it literally. A few years ago, Bobby Seagull questioned and tried to work out why he is so unlucky in finding relationships. Seagull states, ” I was 32 or 33, I was single, I loved math and science”. Then, he began to question whether or not both science and math could help him in love. To him, it was a “general” and “earnest” attempt. Seagull went with the attempt and used the “Drake equation”, which is used to estimate the number of active extra-terrestrial/alienized civilizations, in order to find out how many potential partners he has. Seagull went with the attempt because he was inspired by “Peter Brackus”, a Manchester University economics professor and the author, who wrote a paper in 2010, titled “Why I Don’t Have A Girlfriend”.  After calculating his proportion of likely girlfriends around his age, location and education level, he came to a conclusion that he has around 26,369 potential girlfriends. He calls this amount a “decent sized crowd” at the old West Ham ground at Upton Park. But what stops right there is the fact that his next girlfriend has to “be single” and also she has to find Seagull “attractive”.

Online dating has “strengthened mathematics’ role” when finding love, not only to solve for the amount of how many people like you, but in using algorithms to “sift through them”. Like the Drake equation, online dating is not that different. In other terms, online dating only presents you with suitable partners that fit your description. Attraction must be assessed/worked out by you, in person and sorry to say this, but you can’t solve for attractiveness. Using math to help love, like what Seagull did us okay, but you may want to also watch out when you are using an online app.

The truth on online dating is that the first few relationships you go through, will never last for very long. Seagull states something similar. “This is where you really need to trust math-you might think that the first person you meet is amazing, but you’ve got to get through the first 185″. He goes on saying, ” If we simulated our lives a million times, the person that you would date best would still be after 185″. What Seagull is saying, is the fact that, you must have more practice on relationships, in order to find your “best mate”.

Many online daters are using mathematics/coding to help them find love. For example, U.S mathematician ,”Chris Mckinlay” , successfully “hacked” a dating site, “OkCupid”, in order to find his “best match” We can already see many people, especially mathematicians, using math to find their one true love. It’s not that hard, if you truly are devoted to these kinds of ideas.