Chick fil A vs. Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches


Nic Rendon, Contributor

The chicken sandwich has been a popular menu item for various restaurants in the past. Many fast food chains sell these, predominantly Chick fil A . For years, they had the most famous sandwiches, and were known across the nation. Recently, another chicken shop decided to join the fun. Popeyes came out with their own chicken sandwich to give Chick fil A some competition.

Popeyes started making their chicken sandwich on August 12. As soon as it was released, a lot of hype surrounded it. People all over the nation were reviewing it and this posed a big question: was Popeyes sandwich good enough to surpass the defending champion Chick fil A? Youtube exploded with videos comparing the two sandwiches, everyone having different opinions on the matter. This marked the beginning of what the internet calls the “Chicken Sandwich Wars.”

Sides were taken and the internet was torn in two. Chick fil A and Popeyes were taking shots at each other in advertisements and on social media. They had a series of posts on Twitter attacking each other. Chick fil A started the fire, by Tweeting, “Bun + Chicken + Pickles = all the ❤️ for the original.” Popeyes did not take long to respond, asking them,”… y’all good?” At this point, many people had already formed their opinions about the sandwiches, but this feud was far from over. Wendy’s decided to join in on the fun by Tweeting out, “Y’all out here fighting about which of these fools has the second best chicken sandwich.” Plenty of anonymous users butted in to the conversation, giving their insight.

Both Chick fil A and Popeyes started getting much more business because people wanted to know for sure which sandwich was superior. This was not a problem for Chick fil A. They were already used to having a lot of business and adapted by changing the drive through lane to go quicker. Popeyes, however, did not have the advantage of experience. Popeyes restaurants around the nation were filled up with people. This business was proving too much for Popeyes to handle. Then, something happened to ultimately cause the end of the “Chicken Sandwich Wars:” Popeyes ran out of chicken sandwiches. They have been out of stock for weeks, and they still have none in most stores. Without any sandwiches left, Chick fil A ended up coming out on top in this feud. This concluded the war.

Although the real issues started when Popeyes released their sandwich, there were signs of incoming trouble way earlier. In 2018, Chick fil A became the third largest fast food chain in the United States. This was mostly thanks to their nationally acclaimed chicken sandwiches. Knowing this, many other companies tried to make a similar sandwich. Franchises like McDonald’s, Buffalo Wild Wings,  and Cracker Barrel attempted to create a chicken sandwich that could compete with Chick fil A. No other company could successfully accomplish this, until Popeyes took up the idea. In the future, more might try this with more success. For now, Chick fil A still remains the “king of chicken sandwiches.”