Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly

Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly

Kayla Smith, contributor

The world famous Travis Scott, released a documentary on Netflix on August 28 called, Travis Scott: Look Mom, I Can Fly. Directed by White Trash Tyler and produced by Travis himself, this documentary hit Netflixs top watched, as fans went crazy to see an inside look about Travis. The film follows the rapper’s journey through his Grammy-nominated and award winning album, Astroworld tour. It also gives viewers an inside review of his personal life and career; audience gets a glimpse at Travis’s personal life, showing friends, family, and even unseen footage of how Travis writes and produces his top of the chart songs. In the movie there’s a variety of scenes, showing footage from his concerts through the years along with the chaos that follows his events. As said before, the movie shows everything about Travis’s life, including, the birth of Travis, and Kardashian icon, Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi Webster. For fans, watching this movie could be an emotional roller coaster considering that Travis goes into depth talking about, how his fans make him feel. Fans have left many positive reviews about the new movie:

Someone named Nik states that this film is, “Incredibly moving. Encapsulates all of what Travis Scott is about in a 1h 24 minute long roller coaster ride.”

Another fan, Gunnerjon, left a review saying, “It was an emotional, intense, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it dive into the rise of Travis Scott’s career. I will say no more, but if you are a Travis fan or a fan of hip hop in general, you need to see this. And if you aren’t a Travis fan, you will be afterward.”

However, Travis Scott fans were not the only ones who watched the film. In Fact there are multiple reviews from people who didn’t even know who Travis Scott was. A well known movie review blogger, Lorry Kikta, wrote an article about the documentary. In her article she said,

” I have to admit that I am a little behind on current hip-hop culture, preferring to usually listen to the songs I like that are anywhere from 10-30+ years ago. So I’m a little embarrassed to admit that my initial exposure to rap megastar Travis Scott was while I was watching the Super Bowl halftime show this year. In between bemoaning the fact that I had to endure Maroon 5 and freaking out over hip hop legend Big Boi, I realized that this other guy, Travis Scott, really had this grand energy about him. In Travis Scott: Look Mom, I Can Fly you see that this energy is not fake, it’s something he’s got going at all times.” Then ended her report by saying,

“Overall I would say that Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly is an incredibly wholesome, feel-good film that shows us that hard work and determination really can bring you grand success in some cases.”

The film is not only a documentation about Travis, but also gives the audience an inspiration. Although some may not think that a rich guy…who came from the hood, and makes songs by talking really fast (rap), could be an inspiration…watching this movie could possibly change your mind. Travis shows through the documentary that enough is never enough. He proves that you can make any dream come true with determination and motivation from loved ones. Through the movie, Travis doesn’t hesitate to show the chaos he goes through while working for what he wants. He shows that nothing will stop him; even though the rappers life can be as crazy as the roller coasters he once rode as a child while visiting an amusement park called, Astroworld. After all…everyone’s life is crazy and could be considered…Astroworld.