Junji Ito’s Horror Manga Uzumaki Gets Miniseries on Adult Swim

Junji Ito's Horror Manga Uzumaki Gets Miniseries on Adult Swim

Chandler Ellerbusch, Contributor

This time on Animation News, Junji Ito’s famous horror manga Uzumaki is getting a long overdue anime adaption planned to air on Adult Swim’s Toonami. Junji Ito is known as “one of the premiere names in horror comics, and one of the best manga creators ever” (Muncy, 2019). Junji Ito is also known as the king of horror illustration and comics with some of his most notable works being Tomie, Gyo, and his many short stories.

Uzumaki was published in 1998 and follows Kirie Goshima and her boyfriend Shuichi Sato as they “work together to figure out how to save their town from destruction while also trying to stave off the spiral’s curse” (McAndrews, 2019). They live in the town of Kurōzu-cho, which means Black spiral Town, where weird occurrences are happening. Spirals are appearing out of the blue with no explanation. They started to first appear in nature, but then they started to appear on the human body. Boys started turning into snails, girls hair started to come to life and become spirals, and some of the residents of Kurōzu-cho became so obsessed with the concept of a spiral that they turn into a spiral themselves.

Uzumaki‘s anime adaptation is going to be a four-part miniseries planned to air sometime in 2020 “courtesy of an exciting partnership between Cartoon Network’s Toonami and the anime production house Production IG” (Muncy, 2019). Uzumaki’s soundtrack is going to be composed by Colin Stetson, the composer for Hereditary, and is going to be under the direction of Hiroshi Nagahama (The Flowers of Evil). Uzumaki is going to be animated entirely in black and white to stay truthful to Junji Ito’s simplistic yet haunting style. If you are a fan of horror make sure to watch this terrifying miniseries when it hits the air. Next on Animation News, the new Disney Channel cartoon planned to start airing in early 2020.



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