Phone Policy

Phone Policy

Lexi Ariete, Contributor

It is a popular debate whether phones are a necessity during school. Many students argue that phones are a needed item; parents and teachers think otherwise. Over the span of ten years, percentages of phone use in school has increased. Phones are not needed in school because they are a source of distraction for a student.

Many schools throughout the U.S. allow students to use their phones during class. Teachers and parents agree that most students get distracted by their phones in class. A common reason schools do not allow phones is because it can lead to cyberbullying, or cheating on classwork. Pearson did a survey in 2015 on how many students use their phones during class. The statistics state: “fifty percent of fourth and fifth graders, sixty-six percent of middle schoolers, and eighty-two percent of high schoolers use a smartphone.” Students can use their phones to complete their schoolwork in class. Using work without correct acknowledgements to the sources is plagiarism. In some schools, administration takes plagiarism seriously; In some circumstances, it can lead to suspension. Allowing an easy source of plagiarism can be dangerous to a student’s learning.

Using phones in school does not have to be all that bad. Golbow Elementary School allows phone usage to complete work. The teachers can watch the students’ activity on their devices through an app. Not all schools monitor students’ activity. In a survey done by Common Sense Media, activity of children on phone tripled since 2013. Introducing excessive amounts of technology can lead to addiction or social issues. Another survey by Common Sense Media claims: “fifty percent of teens ‘feel addicted’… fifty-nine percent of parents thought their teens were addicted.” The statistics are not based on actual studies of addiction, but it can still be an issue to feel addicted. An addiction of phones can lead to more usage during school. Whether that may be for schoolwork, tutoring, or browsing through social media.

While on the phone, people can get carried away with what they do on their phone. People may start by doing their schoolwork, but feel the urge to check a post on a social media platform. School is about education. The point of going to school is to learn new concepts and eventually reach a point of success. Students on their phone and scrolling through social media feeds are not receiving correct education. Once students step onto campus, they should focus on paying attention and getting through the day. By the time they get home, then they can go on their phone as much as they want; after homework, of course. Students need to realize what their priorities are so that they can focus on what they need to do before going onto their phones.