Paper Towels Please?


Camden Cook, Contributor

Around two weeks ago, all who used the mens’ restroom were punished by the actions of a few immature children. Paper towels have not been restocked in over ten days, leaving all who walk in leaving with wet hands. Many students of Benjamin Franklin have began protests against this crime by carrying and even wearing paper towels. The ability to dry one’s hands is a God given right to all human beings if able to supply and the duty of the school. This duty has been poorly disregarded and the school needs to restore the paper towels to the mens’ bathroom.

In the past few weeks –and one incident last year– the paper towel holders have had all the see-through plastic punched out by the most immature beings of this generation. In the the incident last year, one paper towel holder was absolutely obliterated. The school has had to replace countless of these holders going forward, as well as multiple toilets as people have stuffed them with paper towels and have consequently broken. The girls have had no punishment in their bathroom as no problems have aroused in there. None of the people who broke these will have their name released, but if you are one of those people, you are costing the school unnecessary amounts of money and all the boys to leave the bathroom with wet hands.

Is it necessary to completely remove all paper towels from the mens bathroom, or is there another alternative that solves all the current problems and still allows the 99% of respectful men to dry their hands? As of yesterday, paper towel dispensers have been placed outside of the bathroom to prevent any more destruction, or at least to catch the criminals will be caught. But this is extremely inconvenient as the door handle must be touched, passing along germs of people who have no use for paper towels. Though this was an attempt, the school should’ve planned for the long run. Eventually all bathrooms are bound to have air dryers for hands instead of using paper towels. Instead of having the towel dispensers, the school should switch now to air dry, as it is better for the environment and will happen eventually; or they need to put the towels back in the bathroom where they belong. Talmage Uerkvitz, a strong supporter in this movement said, “We won’t let the school take away our paper towels when the majority fully deserves them. We have a voice, and wet hands.” Many are uniting throughout the school to get them back in the bathroom,  but the revolt may be coming to a close.

All male students of this school are suffering from the actions of a few immature students with no respect for the property of this school. The school needs to reconsider its actions and find a way to punish only the suspects, and not the entire as a whole.