Colorado Woman Gives Birth Alone in Jail Cell

Rachel Jarvis, Contributor

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Diana Sanchez, was arrested on the 14 of July 2018, on charges for identity theft. On July 31, 2018 at five a.m. she notified the deputies she was in labor. At 9:45 a.m. her water broke. At approximately 10:44 p.m. after spending six horrifyingly painful hours of being in labor, she gave birth to a son. While only the initials of her baby boy are released, J.S.M. she is filing a lawsuit against the city and county of Denver County Jail. She was only given an absorbent pad to lay on.

Her 45 paged lawsuit explained in detail how show gave birth alone. Sanchez says that with no medical help, she was forced to give birth by herself, on a cold hard bench, only a few feet away from the toilet. This is not only insanitary, but it has other issues like, the unbearable pain, the terror, and the health of both mother and child on the line. The staffs only defense was, “it was inconvenient to take her to the hospital during the jail’s booking process” (heavy). Only when the infant left the birth canal, still attached by the umbilical cord, that a man in a blue scrub top came in.

The baby was born prematurely, nine days early. When she was arrested, she told the authorities that she was eight months pregnant and had a due date of August 9. Upon her medical examination, she was found to have a bacterial infection that could potentially cause her to give birth prematurely. A nurse had told her, if she were to go into labor early she would need to seek immediate medical health. “And so, over the course of hours, three jail deputies, one a sergeant, and two nurses watched on and off as Sanchez went from early labor to a blood-soaked delivery on the cot without ever intervening, calling 911 or taking any other emergency measures” (heavy). Her lawyer, Mari Newman, stated it was “unable to clamp the umbilicus until the Denver Fire Department arrived at Ms. Sanchez’s cell at approximately 10:58 a.m. At that point, the Fire Department and Denver paramedics took over care for Ms. Sanchez and Baby J.S.M. At 11:16 a.m., Ms. Sanchez and her newborn son left Denver County Jail to be transported to Denver Health Medical Center.” (SCRIBD)

“According to Newman’s records, she requested any video pertaining to Sanchez’s experiences in September 2018.” (West world). Apparently, this is not the first case of women giving birth alone in Denver County Jail. Other women were paid off, while Sanchez decided to bring light to this reoccurring issue.  “On Thursday, the Denver County Sheriff’s Department said it has since changed its policy to ensure that pregnant inmates who are in any stage of labor are immediately taken to the hospital.” (Fox News). “They put my son’s life at risk.When I got to the hospital, they said that I could have bled to death.” Sanchez told KDVR in August 2018.


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