Chinese Man Kills 8 Children

Alora Foote, Contributor

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Monday, September 2, eight children attending Chaoyangpo Elementary in Hubei’s Enshi City were killed on what was supposed to be their first day of school.  The murderer arrived on campus around 8 a.m. This would be the time when the children began arriving for class in the morning. Police have taken the man, whose surname was released as Yu, into custody for investigation purposes. Yu recently served time last June for an attempted murder from a police report from Enshi City police station. Although not confirmed, police are holding Yu as the prime suspect for the child homicides on Monday.

Police were not sure how the children were attacked immediately. As well as method, the police are failing to see what the motive was to attack the children in the first place. However, this was not the first incident of child brutality in China. “In January, 20 children were injured after a man attacked them inside an elementary school in Beijing — and in June 2018, two children were stabbed to death by a man outside an elementary school in Shanghai. In April of last year, nine were killed and more than a dozen injured outside a middle school in northwestern Shaanxi province by an attacker who allegedly was a former pupil seeking revenge for having been bullied” (Fox News).

Along with the eight confirmed dead, two children were violently injured in addition. The attacker, who was arrested on the crime scene when police arrived, harmed the children with a cleaver knife. This has become a popular way of attacking children in China, a trend that is scaring the local the more it becomes a common occurrence. “In April 2018, nine middle school children were murdered, allegedly by a former student who took revenge on the school because he was bullied there” (NY Post). This homicide’s murder weapon was also a type of knife.

“Eight were killed and another two were injured. No details were given on the students’ injuries or their individual ages. In China, elementary school children range in age from 6 years old to 13” (Fox 8). In other instances, middle school children or kindergarten toddlers were the unfortunate targets of unstable murderers. “A separate statement by the Enshi City police was originally posted on Chinese social media site Weibo but was later removed without explanation. The hashtag “school criminal case in Hubei” had gained 120 million views on Weibo as of Tuesday morning”(Fox 8). Not only did the police reports were vague, but an outlet of information, in the form of a video, was forced to be removed, or the public has been lead to be think it has. Locals haven’t been given information like the murder motive, and aren’t allowed to form their own opinions through the video.


Man kills eight schoolchildren in China on first day of class

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